Care of Angels

Well, it is official. Our son, Charlie, will be going to Boston University next fall to study trumpet. I can hardly believe he is going, yet I wouldn\’t have it any other way. We\’re entering a time of launching the birdies from the nest (Emily, our daughter, will be 16 soon). Charlie is oh, so ready, and that makes this whole thing oh, so much easier than it could be.

He turned 18 a few weeks ago and all of a sudden I had another adult in the house. Curfew changed and family dynamics shifted. We stepped out of the way and he is trying his wings, he seems ready to leave the nest. I find myself being nostalgic and even weepy…guess that is normal. I suppose I\’ll hold hands with grief in the months ahead, but I won\’t let it pull me away from celebrating him and all the things he has accomplished and has to look forward to.

On his 18th birthday I had my scheduled weekly Catholic chapel visit. I spent most of the hour praying for him, I even lit a candle for him. I asked God to take care of him, provide for him, help me let go of him…typical mom prayers, I\’m sure. As I was praying I was reminded of an email I received from a friend that had a link to a retail sight that sold items that had a person\’s birthday verse on it. The idea is to take your month and date of birth and link it to a book of the Bible for a word of blessing, a birthday verse. I cannot remember what mine was, but I do remember the idea being clever. Anyway, I heard God asking me to look up Luke 4:10 (Charlie\’s bday is 4/10), and tucked in the back of the chair in front of me were two Bibles–a Good News Bible and a more standard translation. I almost exclusively avoid the Good News version as I really don\’t appreciate the way things are said. But I did hear Him saying to read that one…(BTW I had never seen this Bible in the chapel before…a rather unusual translation for Catholics, I would think) so, true to form, I resisted for awhile, but then gave in. (Yes, I\’m plucky when God requests something…I can\’t believe He bothers with me…) Here is what it says: \”For the scripture says, \’God will order His angels to take good care of you.\’\” I had to do a double take. I couldn\’t believe it, He was not only hearing my prayers but He was providing Charlie with protection, and comfort and assurance to me. I jotted it down on the back of a receipt and tucked it in my Bible for safe keeping. I pull it out now and then to remind me to let go…

Charlie is in the care of angels…fly, Charlie, fly…

PS other translations say the same thing but not in the same way…not sure I would have heard the same thing in a different translation. God is SO cool! Haven\’t seen that Bible since…

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