Breaker, Breaker

Yesterday, on the way home, a great cruising tune came on the radio (\”Life is a Highway\”), so I took the long way home, bebopping as I went. As I came around the bend of our narrow neighborhood road, a large semi truck and trailer loomed before me–pretty much parked in the middle of the road.

I squeaked around it and kept going…but something (Someone?) told me I needed to turn around and see if I could help. I\’m from a trucking family (dad, my brother, uncle and grandfather are/were truckers), so know how it can go… I shrugged off the intuition, figured I was dead off (I hate it when I\’m wrong, and then there is the embarrassment of looking like an idiot; also the safety issue–what if he is a serial killer!) and kept going; it kept bugging me, so I prayed that God would send someone else (surely He could pull that off!)…eventually, I spewed a \”Whatever!\” and turned around and went back, thinking he\’d be gone by the time I got there–nope, he was still sitting there, looking at a map.

Jumped up to the window and encountered a Spirit-filled Christian truck driver (the full, beautiful light in his eyes gave him away). He was trying to figure out how to turn around–I pointed to his map and showed him he didn\’t need to turn around, just needed to veer left and stay away from the dead end street in front of him. I followed him for awhile and am confident he got back on course.

I have a theory about what happened spiritually…you may think I\’m nuts, that is ok, you\’re in good company… I think he got off course and said a prayer asking for help. God heard him and sent out an SOS. The SOS hit me and subconsciously I said \’yes\’, which led me to consciously decide to take the long way home…of course, then I had to listen to and consciously obey His prompting to stop. That always seems to be the kicker with me–conscious obedience. Then there is the trick of listening, being open to spiritual frequencies, and also/too the biggy: discernment (is this God or me or Satan whispering in my ear?).

Anyway, glad I stopped and helped. I got to encounter a beautiful soul, a beautiful trucking soul, no less. Breaker, breaker…

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