God’s Barking Basset

Charlie gave me the ok to tell this story :-)

Here is what happened at the Hill home Friday night…

We live on a channel that leads to a lake. Charlie and his love interest, Ellan, took the boat out Friday evening to anchor it and star gaze. When it was time to come in, the battery on the boat was dead. Evidently Charlie was unaware that one needs to start the boat now and again to charge the battery when using the lights. So, it is 11:10p and he starts calling home–no one is awake to hear various phones ringing a bazillion times.

Ellan suggests they call their friends to come and help (smart girl!). Sure enough, Lauren, Michael and Gina are freshly home from a barn burner Twins game, take the call, and jump at the chance to help. They head to our home to grab the battery charger out of the back of our truck. Meanwhile Charlie starts rowing (with one oar) toward the boat landing. He quickly realizes that speed boats aren’t designed for rowing. Charlie perseveres and Ellan serenades him in song as he paddles away. (The Owl and the Pussy-cat poem comes to mind..umm..without the wedding part).

Lauren, Michael and Gina successfully nab the charger from the truck and head to the boat landing to meet the unfortunate duo. The boat is without a flashlight, so Charlie has mistaken where the landing is and has overshot it by quite a ways. So the friends on the landing use their flashlight to guide them as they backtrack. I understand the trio also broke into song, maybe it was an old rowing song used by the Vikings… Needless to say, late Friday night our lake was awash in song…how lovely (hope the neighbors agree :-).

Meanwhile, back on the homefront, Buster our basset (a.k.a. Zababaz, affectionately dubbed by his biggest fan, Emily), is barking his brains out (even more than usual–maybe because he heard someone rummaging around in our truck, maybe not. There often isn’t a discernable reason for his auditory assaults). My husband, Rich, finally cannot stand the noise and gets out of bed to give Buster a piece of his mind. Getting up, he notices the boat is gone and it is past Ellan’s curfew…not a good sign there… He gives Charlie a call. The boat is at the landing but the charger isn’t charging the battery, so Rich heads to the landing to jump the boat with the truck. All starts up well and the boaters head across the lake to our dock. All the teens connect at our home, say thank you’s and more or less chuckle their way home (I say, ‘more or less’ because there was some concern over Ellan’s parents’ response as Ellan got home well after curfew. I hear they were very gracious…).

So, since this is a Looking for God blog, where in the world is God in all of this? Have you spotted Him? Well, you could say He was in the fact that Lauren took Ellan’s phone call and the three friends came to help…God was surely in that.

The other place you might spot Him is in the maniacal barking of our beloved dog. Dare we say that God used Buster to rouse Rich to bring this crazy evening to a close? Can God use animals? Hmmm…well in Numbers 22 (found in the Bible) God speaks through a donkey to get a message to its owner, Balaam…seriously, check it out: Numbers (Old Testament) 22:21. The donkey could see an angel blocking the road and so it went off into a field. Balaam couldn’t see the spiritual being in his midst, so couldn’t understand what the donkey was doing and so began to beat it. The donkey forges ahead. Two more similar scenarios ensue. In the end the donkey lays down for it cannot move in any direction due to the angel. Finally God enables the donkey to speak and it tells Balaam to get a clue. Balaam’s eyes are opened and he sees the angel and the angel lets him know the donkey has saved his life.

Well, personally, it is hard for me to imagine Buster having angel’s wings but I don’t doubt that God can use animals to bring about His will…but seriously…Buster?

Well, maybe there is more to Buster than we’ll ever know…for sure, there is more to God than we’ll ever know. Wild to think that they might hold hands, er, ah, I mean, Hand and paw from time to time…


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