Re-membering. Tomorrow is Memorial Day here in the U.S. It is a day where we remember those who’ve gone before us, most notably the service men and women who’ve died. The whole weekend is known as Memorial Day weekend and most businesses and offices will be closed tomorrow–it is also known as the unofficial kick off of summer, at least for those of us as far north as Minnesota.

Anyway, in conjunction with the last blog (The Past is Prologue) I want to chat a bit about remembering….

I believe “remembering” is more than just recalling something or someone, it is also putting it together in a way that makes sense…a way that rings true with us. To re-member means to put things that belong together back in their proper place (like reattaching a limb, finger or ‘member’ or bringing someone back into a membership that has been un-membered).

As creatures who are wired to make meaning of life-stuff, we look at those who’ve died and try to see how they fit into our life. How who they were and what they did impacted us. Whether we like it or not, they invade our psyche and we try (sometimes desperately) to re-member them into our life. They are there, we just need to attach them in a way that allows Lifeblood to flow…allows easier breathing and hope to blossom.

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Sometimes we invite them in self-destructive ways…we write them off as ‘bad’ or even ‘horrible’ and try to forget (un-member) them. Such un-membering doesn’t hurt them (in fact, if they’re in heaven they are probably actively praying FOR our re-membering them), it only divides us. We remain unhealed, self-protective, small,dark and split–we resemble Gollum in “The Lord of the Rings”.

How to re-member those who’ve passed into the next life in a way that enables free passage of spiritual Lifeblood? God knows…even when it is difficult or seems impossible, God knows. If we ask Him, Jesus comes and leads us into places of forgiveness, places of understanding, places of healing…we have to be willing to melt, though. I know, it feels kinda vulnerable, but it gives us the opportunity to entrust our ‘self’ to Him…

We may even come to love the one who has died…if they need anything, if we need anything, it is love. Love is the ultimate Lifeblood and it pulses through humanity, sometimes in trickles, but it does…let it pulse through you to the one you re-member this Memorial Day weekend. Who knows, you may find that as you do, you begin to re-member who you are…who He created you to be…


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