The Paranormal

Spirits, angels, ghosts, demons…seems they are everywhere now. They are practically movie stars and TV personalities. Those who can channel spirits and contact the spirit world are heavily sought and many of us drink from their fountain. Psychic readings and abilities are sought and taught…I was at a company party with my hubby a few years ago, and, in the corner, as part of the entertainment, was a psychic giving readings (there was quite a line for her services, I might add).

Popular psychics, like Sylvia Browne, assert their gifts are given to them by God. Sylvia also claims she is a Christian and has written \”Christian\” books on Jesus, the two Marys, Christmas, etc. and has started her own church. Her literature can be found in regular bookstores in the Christian book section.

So, what do we do with all of this hullabaloo? Some of us stay logical and linear and say it is all hogwash (if you are one of these, then you probably haven\’t read this far). Some of us say \’yes\’ and dive deep, looking for answers and meaning. Some of us walk the fence…dip our toes into spiritual musings when we need extra help, healing, or want an answer. These responses closely resemble how we approach God…we\’ve got the agnostics/atheists, the passionate believers and the luke warm, \”when it is most conducive to my well being\” believers.

I\’ve read some of the Christian mystics who encountered spiritual reality, some of them encountered it every moment of every day. The Bible too, talks about spiritual reality. First off, they both assert it is real. Supernatural life exists, even though we can\’t, at present, prove it. Second, it interacts with us.

Mystics and the Bible both coach us on how to deal with it. First off, they say to not seek it. It is not an area that we are to focus on–God should be our focus, our only focus, period. Opening doors to the paranormal often leads to the entrance of demons. If we think that is harmless or \’fun\’ then we\’ve been tricked by demonic antics and don\’t really understand how harmful and dangerous they are. Demons enter through all kinds of supernatural means (i.e. appearing as angels of light, ghosts, departed loved ones, or entering through various spiritual healing methods, magic, psychic \’help\’, Ouija boards, etc)–usually they start off looking harmless or even benevolent, until they get a toe in the door, then they turn on the nasties and we\’re at their mercy…quite literally. We end up bowing in the palm of their hand….

Second, they say that if you happen to encounter spiritual reality, that you are to bring it to God. St Teresa of Avila was hounded by demons she could see and she would run to God in prayer asking His mercy. She didn\’t give them the time of day, but she ran to the One who could rescue her from them. Jesus did as much when He encountered Satan during His temptation in the desert (Matthew 4)–Jesus brought God right into the middle of it and started quoting Scripture that lined up with God\’s Heart/Will and it shooed Satan away. If we find ourselves in the midst of strange, evil occurrences then we need to look Up and find others within Christian community who can help us seek Jesus Christ and His deliverance. We should never interact with spiritual entities, never \’feed\’ them with our attention, curiosity, and any fear…they grow larger and more powerful the more we \’feed\’ them.

Well, I think I could go on and on here, but this blog is getting long and you, no doubt, have other things to do. I\’ll write more later, maybe tomorrow. Hope to see you then :-)

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One thought on “The Paranormal

  1. Paranormal experiences, really lead nowhere. It can not take away from the need for faith, for one never knows where the answers come from, or even if those who channel etc., are not fakes. So as a field of study I can seeit, but to actually base ones life on it, is like eating cotton candy and wondering why one is still hungry.

    For the Christian it is Christ, the word our food, the rest might be interesting but of no real value as far as our relationship with God goes.

    Sylvia Brown kind of gives me the creeps, you know what I mean?



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