Need Healing?

Healing via spiritual means…think I\’ll stay on topic with the previous two blogs. Manipulating another\’s energy or healing one\’s ailments by spiritual means is tricky business. It is also a booming business. I hear that homeopathy (to name one) is huge in Europe and that it is a growing market here in the U.S. Then there are psychic healers, people who pray over you or bring healing to your energy field via their energy field or another energy field they can tap into, etc. They \’see\’ things or know things about one\’s health without testing or physical examination. I don\’t know the proper names for all the fields/methods that are established or emerging in our world (\”alternative medicine\” is the main title we use here in the U.S.), just know they all stem from the same place: that which is other than spiritual healing by God.

Is it real? Does what they do actually bring healing? I think so, at least sometimes. Does it bring anything else? I think so. I think it opens doors to whatever they are \’using\’ to bring the healing power. Some of it is a placebo, undoubtedly, but then again, placebos are fueled by faith, aren\’t they? Whatever we have faith in means we have an open door to it–we\’re vulnerable to it. A placebo may have a prayer or incantation attached to it. Then there is the faith of the person distributing the healing that enters open doors…the faith they bring may not be what we want…

If we move outside of scientifically based western medicine (with its flaws and all) and move into other areas for healing, then we better be mindful and aware that we\’re stepping into areas where spirits preside.

There are healing gifts in the Christian tradition–the Bible acknowledges the gift of healing and we see numerous healings, especially in the New Testament. Such healing comes by praying to God or is prompted and manifest by God through one of His own. The goal and the whole point of the healing is to bring people into closer union with God, to draw them to Christ. Christ\’s compassionate restoration of one\’s health is less motivated by alleviating physical suffering than by calling people to God–afterall, that is the whole reason He came, to draw us unto Himself. The Holy Spirit can and does bring physical healing…even today many of us are living proof…

Other physical healings are brought via spirits other than the Holy Spirit. How to tell the difference between Holy Spirit healing and other healing? Look at the source, method and fruits: where does the power come from and how is it invoked? Are trances induced, special powers invited, energy fields adjusted, placebo medicine distributed (they won\’t call it a placebo…), psychic powers/methods (i.e. tarot cards) used to ascertain problems or bring healing, spirits/items from other religions used, etc? Are they turning a buck for their services? What is the fruit of their work? Are others drawn closer to God? Is God given all the glory?

When we delve into spiritual healing, the naive dabbler will think that if it is spiritual then it is Godly or even Christian. \”Spiritual\” is not synonymous with God or Christianity. Spiritual reality is a created reality, just like physical reality, and just like the physical reality it has a terrifically large dark side…and it is looking for open doors to walk through.

Tread lightly, and if you need physical healing then look for Him via scientifically based western medicine (warts and all) as doctors and researchers work hard to discover the physical laws God ordained that underpin diseases and the ways the body is healed. If you want physical healing via spiritual means (or even mind/body healing), then dial up God, for heaven\’s sake. Call your clergy or other people dedicated to seeing Christ bloom in your life. Jesus can be trusted to bring every kind of healing, He\’s got a great track record and doesn\’t need help (or should I say, \’interference\’) from other spirits to bring it about–the Holy Spirit does suffice :-). Who knows, through it all you may encounter Christ in a new way…this is my prayer for you…

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