3am Barkfest

(Buster, our Basset Hound [I know I\’ve used this pic before, but it seems it is the only decent pic we have of him in our computer])

I had a topic ready to go this morning for the blog, but it seems God wants me to blog about this instead…all I can figure is that someone out there needs to hear this sooner than later, as today is the day.

If you\’ve read yesterday\’s blog (God Blessed) you know we had a well attended graduation party here this past Sunday. On Friday (or maybe Thursday) night, at 3am our dog started barking. Buster is 11 yrs old and we\’ve had him since he was a young puppy, so we know him pretty well. If you have a dog or a pet that vocalizes, you get to know what their vocalizing means–Buster\’s bark when someone is at the door is quite different than when he is playing with the cat, or when he is frightened, or when he wants to go outside or come in. His bark that night was the one he uses when he knows we can hear him and wants us to come…it is a steady, rather disinterested bark that can go on indefinitely (I\’m not kidding) if you don\’t respond. Usually we hear it when he wants to come in and we\’re slow in getting to the door.

Rich got up and responded…there was no ignoring this…like I said, Buster is a long winded animal, and he wasn\’t playing with the cat or barking at an animal in the yard. When Rich came back to bed, he said he didn\’t know what the deal was. Almost immediately, Buster started the bark again. I think this time Rich let him out and back in again. Once he came back to bed the barking started again. This time I got up. I found Buster downstairs, sitting on a fours in the middle of the floor with a serious expression on his face. He wasn\’t barking to go out or to go anywhere or at anything that I could see. Once I got down there he ceased barking but didn\’t quit his serious pose…he didn\’t come greet me, no tail wag, not sure he even looked up at me. Quite frankly, I\’ve never seen Buster like this…he was all business and seemed to be trying to make me aware of something. Hmmm…it was a mystery, yet I knew it wasn\’t a mystery to God. So I started praying that God would clear out anything present that wasn\’t of Him, that wasn\’t according to His will for us…that He would send His angels to protect us according to His purposes. It was a simple, rather short prayer. As I recall, Buster ceased his stance only as I left to go back upstairs (I could hear his collar tags jangle as I ascended the steps) and he did stop barking for the night. I climbed into bed about 3:20am, and quickly fell back to sleep.

What happened? I don\’t really know, that is why I hesitate to blog about this. I do know that 3am is the hour satanists find \’holy\’ as it is an inversion of 3pm (the hour Jesus died on the Cross), so no doubt demons are invoked at 3am to wreak havoc… It may have been that someone meant us harm and sent demons to pollute our home, just in time for the party. I don\’t know. I just know what I\’ve shared with you.

It may be that the Scripture I quoted yesterday (2 Samuel 7:29 \”Now therefore may it please You to bless the house of Your servant, so that it may continue forever before You…and with Your blessing shall the house of Your servant be blessed forever.\” ) was given in anticipation of what Buster encountered that night. God is outside of time and space and sees all and can prepare our hearts and guide our prayers so that we know how to respond when things go \’bump\’ in the night.

Just dawned on me: maybe it was a test of faith sent by God…I did blog about that late last week (Tests), that I heard Him saying \’tests\’ to me. If so, did I pass the test? I don\’t know…maybe so, in that I didn\’t freak out or obsess about it, didn\’t try to use my will to cleanse the space or even try to conjure up powers of discernment (power like that comes as He grants it and, I believe, shouldn\’t be conjured or developed), and that I did surrender it to Him and prayed for His will to be manifest. Or, maybe I missed a component that He was hoping to witness…

Again, I\’m stuck in mystery. So, what can I say? May it all be to His glory, and I praise Him for all the protection He grants our home and family. Oh, and if Buster was barking on God\’s behalf, may he be blessed for the 3am barkfest…

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