Grocery Shopping Heart

I just got back from grocery shopping. Yeah, I\’m going to blog about grocery shopping…

I\’m not a shopping fan so grocery shopping is seen more as a chore than a joy…anybody with me? am I alone? Hope you can relate… We\’ve come to the place in our finances where I hunt for and clip coupons–I\’m one of those ladies you see with a coupon clutch in hand who is pouring through it to capture the best deal. I also have a detailed grocery list that lines up well with the store\’s specials that week. Grocery shopping is a big deal and hours go into it before I even step out the door. Sometimes I save as much as 20%, other times it is considerably less…depends on how committed I am to it that week. Today it was considerably less…

It is a necessary evil, fraught with missed deals and limited cart space. Then there is the bag packing (eggs on top) and loading and unloading the car (those 24 packs of water are killers!). Finally, putting it all away…always seem to need to clean out the fridge to make room for it all, which can lead to smelly discoveries (threw out a rotten potato today). Eventually, my chore is complete, til next time…

In an email Bible study on Matthew I\’m in, we\’re studying the 9th chapter. It records Jesus as saying: \”go and learn what this means: \’I desire mercy and not sacrifice.\’ \” I read this chapter this a.m. and it came to me that Jesus is talking about a heart place, a place that may help me see my grocery shopping differently (and a whole lot of other things too).

I can easily puff up and say \”Yes, I\’ve sacrificed time and effort (oh, and Heave Ho! ing) for my family\’s well being. They\’d eat potato chips and frozen pizza exclusively if I didn\’t do this for them. Sainthood is surely around the corner.\” I think sacrifice is focused on what we\’re doing…

Mercy sounds more like this: \”My husband and children need fruits, vegetables and whole wheat for their well being. Family dinners are such lifegiving times, always bring joy to our home. I want to bring healthy food and together times to them–think I\’ll go shopping so they are blessed with these things.\” Mercy is focused on seeing others\’ needs and extending a loving hand to help them, without noting the cost to ourselves (in fact there is joy in this giving mindset). We\’re not looking in the mirror and fluffing our sainthood feathers, or dragging our feet along as we slave away. We\’re lovingly looking out at a world in need and what God is calling us to do to help it.

There is a shift in outlook when we move from giving sacrificially to extending mercy. They may look the same outwardly, but God sees the heart…

Well, looks like I\’ve gotta clean up my grocery shopping act, or should I say my grocery shopping heart…

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