Energy Crisis

(pic of me, laying low a few months ago)

Energy crisis. You may be thinking fuel prices right now…no, I\’m going to blog about a different kind of energy crisis, the one I\’m experiencing right now. Today, my energy level is low. I had all I could do to drag myself out of bed and function, much less host my mom\’s birthday luncheon. We had a terrific time and I loved every moment (wouldn\’t trade a single second, well, except for all the ripping my teenagers did on me…never knew what a horrible mother I was/am until this afternoon!). Happy Birthday tomorrow, Mom!! Love you!! Thanks for coming over, was very special for all of us!!

Anyway, back to the energy crisis. It is dinner time, and I\’ve got coffee brewing, it can only help energize me, get me through the evening. Makes me wonder though, where should I be seeking energy…what should my energy source be, really? I can blame all kinds of things for the crisis: hormones (this is undoubtedly a factor today), busy weekend, worried about my husband\’s health, his work situation, antagonistic children, etc. But where does the energy come from? No depletion without a source…

We all learned in 8th grade biology the anatomy of a calorie and how it is an energy unit….but that is not the source of energy, just a receptacle for it. We also learned about food and light and hormones and exercise and rest and hydration and aging…all the physical sources/factors of energy that aid our daily levels of alertness and ability to do things. I suppose prescription drugs , alcohol, nicotine and other drugs fit here too.

Are there other sources of energy? What feeds us? Extroverts tend to be energized by interacting with others. Introverts tend to be energized by time alone. Okay, so we have social sources of energy. How about emotionally? When we are \’in love\’ we are high as a kite and energized beyond all get out. When relationships struggle or loss lands, we dip, sometimes significantly, in our energy level…depression may even visit. How about vocationally? When we are doing what we love and are gifted in, we are energized…when we are in the wrong job, not so much.

How about spiritually? Yeah, spiritually. Can the spirit life energize us? On the flip side can it deplete our energy? The most basic, easy to name energy depleter is fear, plain and simple. It keeps us \’beside ourself\’ and out of the moment. By and large, it keeps us disconnected from God and others, even when we\’re in a crowd. It haunts us in our sleep and visits us in \’what might happen\’. The paranoid concoct conspiracy theories, the manic think they\’re God, the depressed are convinced all is void, yet usually cling to life. Death is the great enemy and must not be succumbed to…fear keeps us dancing around our mortality or around the losses that echo our mortality (deaths, relationship changes, aging, disease). We actually use a lot of energy desperately trying to control our little worlds. We look in the mirror and that is about it.

So, what is the source of spiritual energy? If fear depletes it, what brings it? The opposite of fear is love. What is love? Well, it helps me to remember that love is a person-God is love. So, is God and His love our source of energy? Does this sound like a cliche? Are you zoning out, ready to web surf about now?…………….yeah, me too…..

Oh, okay back to the topic. How in the world is His love our source of energy? Well, the Bible tells us that in Him all things hold together, hence love knits together the universe, keeps it alive. We cannot breathe without love, our heart would stop without love, in fact everything would disintegrate into nothingness without love (hypothesis: maybe the depressed sense the \”disintegrate into nothingness\” part, but are not intuiting the love \’glue\’…just a thought that came to mind). I think His grace is so great that we get love, unconditional love, even if we blanch at or totally reject the whole notion. (Act 17:24-28 supports these thoughts).

How do we receive the love, know it is real? Well, I don\’t think it is a whole lot different than the way we receive love from others. By being in relationship with them, spending time with them, chatting with them, doing things with and for them, wanting nothing but what is in their best interest, listening attentively. But who are we in relationship with? I\’d say Jesus–He calls us friend (not \”thing I created\” or \”being I want to use\” or \”unwanted child\”); He calls us family; He calls us, His church, His bride. We matter to Him, does He matter to us? If so, then we will spend time with Him, listen to Him (i.e. read the Bible, pray), let Him love us, oh and as we do, we find ourselves loving Him more and more. He calls us to quite the love affair…yeah, we get to be \’in love\’ with God, and as mentioned above being \’in love\’ energizes \’beyond all get out\’–there is no fear in this kind of love, no depleter of energy. Surrendered to His love we find His Spirit working through us. We get out of the way and become a conduit for His energy to flow through us to others–healing energy, loving energy, forgiving energy, creative energy. We remain at rest, yet spiritually are quite active because we\’re full of and overflowing with energy.

Coffee? Yeah, I had a cup. Oh well, will spend time in prayer this evening…be open, love Him and let Him love me…

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