On Safari



God’s so merciful!! He’s really a Wild Man!! We’ve had great news this week. Unexpectedly, Rich (my husband) was promoted at work, with a raise. Quite coincidentally, this also happens to be the week of Rich’s last severance check. We are eeking by. Totally crazy, God is. Feeling like I’m on safari!

We’ve been praying and waiting on God’s direction–should I work? should we sell the house? should Rich find other work? should we buy a lotto ticket? start day trading? put advertising ads on my blog? should we do all or none of the above or something else all together? Yeah, all have spun around in our pea brains, but on all accounts God has been pretty silent, until this week. The ‘messages’ given thus far have revolved around giving, which sure seems counter to paying the bills. So, we’ve kept up our tithing account and sent out extra checks out along the way. (Wow! Hope this doesn’t sound like boasting here, just thinking outloud, just sharing…)

Oh, and He has me creating a God blog book, which is nothing more than these blog postings…I’ve never written professionally for anything, but it seems His will for me right now. Maybe it’ll get published, maybe it won’t, maybe the act of creating it is all He wants from me–maybe there is spiritual growth in creating a book, I don’t know… Very probably not a revenue producer, but it sure eats up time…whatever that is about, I don’t know. Maybe I heard Him all wrong, I don’t know. (“I don’t know” seems to be the most sure thing on this one).

This all feels rather vulnerable to be sharing with you all, but then, why is that?  Hmmm…my issues, certainly.

So, God’s silence–maybe it isn’t vacant space…maybe it is about actively waiting and trusting, staying where we belong and not violate that and see where He takes it. This is anything but passive, as I’ve prayed my heart out on it…I’m standing wide open before God with a look of “What do You want? Just say the word…I’m all Yours.”

The next hurdle is our son’s college tuition bill…due in weeks. This is totally hilarious, I am chuckling… God has made it super clear to Charlie that this is where he is to go to school in the fall–Charlie is certain he is in the midst of God’s will. Yet, where is the balance of the tuition due coming from? Do we go into debt, take out loans? Is that His will? Or, is He going to show up last minute for Charlie like He did this week regarding our household finances?

Well, all I can say is that He is a Wild Man, and anything is possible. I put nothing past Him. Definitely on safari, riding an elephant, holding on for dear life…thanks for journeying with me, friend….do you hear a Lion roaring? I think I hear a roar….


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