Happy in Jesus

A further thought on the whole parenting issue (addressed, somewhat, in the previous blog [Need a Timeout?]) is that parents who teach their kids to obey the first time set their kids up for obeying God the first time.

Yeah, I know, each kid is different and it seems every kid has some disability or dysfunction nowadays and I realize that each circumstance is unique, but I do think if kids are left to do whatever they want whenever they want and only live with a \”Don\’t do that\” from time to time without consistent follow-up, they won\’t have a clue what God is trying to accomplish in their life when consequences hit. They\’ll be stunted in their spiritual growth and God will have to perpetually put them in His spiritual timeout chair until they learn what they should have learned as a child: to trust and obey.

Like the old hymn says:

\”trust and obey,
for there\’s no other way,
to be happy in Jesus,
but to trust and obey.\”

Hope we all get to know \’happy in Jesus\’…

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