Forever Be

Air cooling. Scent shifts. Autumn approaches.
Changing constant, slowing not, stopping never.
Summer delights, just memory.
Children of today, exit tomorrow.
Ever departing…time lingers never.

Children sport new clothes, new subjects, new friends, new dreams.
Young adults forge, blaze, make their way.
Year carriers\’ creases deepen, losses accrue, perspectives change.

We all hold hands and discover together
We know so little, yet cling so tightly
Somehow, we trust that what is more will be revealed,
and when revealed will be good, very good.
Sometimes it is.
Sometimes we wonder.

Disillusionment descends, the revelation burns…
we stand back disbelieving.
Yet we know, somehow know, it is not \”other\”
nothing is \”other\”
only our thinking makes it so.

How to step into the \’morrow, into today, this is our vocation.
From whence is our joy, our hope, our life?
We cannot see, yet know, in deep places know
the Immutable One holds our hand
and together we will
forever be

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