Off He Goes

Charlie with Ron
(pic of Charlie with his trumpet instructor, Ron Hasselmann, at Charlie’s grad party. Baby picture off to the right is of Charlie’s first Christmas. Ain’t he a cutie!!)

Well, today is the day. Charlie, our son, is off to college, Boston University to study trumpet. We get him for another 48 hours on a road trip to Boston, but then it is ‘goodbye’. I’m so excited for him and am grateful no questions linger about whether this is God’s plan for him…God has made it clear and there is great comfort in that.

The house is quiet just yet, as sleep lingers, but soon we’ll be packing the car, double checking the list and shoving off. We’ll drive straight through, landing in Boston proper Friday night. Turn around Saturday (after moving him in) and be back Monday. Quite the road trip!

I pan nostalgic and think of the sweet days gone past, days where Charlie’s smile lit up the house, lit up my life. I’ll miss him terribly and wonder at the silence that will inevitably envelope our home while he is gone…my hubby and daughter are solid introverts and find silence golden. There is a certain exuberance that comes with extroversion, and especially with Charlie, that walks out with him.

The man he is becoming is the man I’ve prayed for…he walks upright with his God, extends hands of mercy to others, is perpetually taking time to counsel and lift others, and always makes room at the dinner table for one more. God’s presence encases him and people come just to experience it…somehow they like themselves a bit better after being with him, somehow they know that no matter what, it’ll all be okay.

I cannot linger, as the morn is flying away. Time never waits…

Grateful for what has been, what is, and what will be…the best I can do right now.

Will be Internet-less until next week sometime…have a blessed, truly blessed Labor Day weekend friends.


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