G\’mo\’s Fridge

(pic of G\’mo, my late grandmother)

Well, we\’re back. We whizzed out Thursday, arrived in Boston Friday eve, chomped a pizza, watched Jaws (well, except for me, I was out like a light), fell asleep. Slept til we couldn\’t on Saturday and managed to get Charlie into his campus dorm, textbooks and all. Ate a mid-afternoon meal at Boston University\’s cafeteria and after sitting awhile, came to realize it was time to go, time for us to leave him there and head back home. One final piece was the fridge in the back of our car, a small fridge that G\’mo (my dad\’s mother, who would have celebrated her 96th birthday last Wed, 8/27) had in her assisted living residence before dying a year and a half ago. Charlie had a fridge in his dorm room upon arrival, but managed to find out before we left that it would be removed unless we were willing to pay to rent it for hundreds of dollars a year…needless to say, G\’mo\’s fridge had found a new home. So, we swung the car around to his dorm, parked illegally, hopped out, hugged him well, and handed him the fridge. Yep, he walked off into the sunset, into his tomorrow, with G\’mo\’s fridge.

Is there something spiritual happening in this intergenerational fridge hand-off? What comes to me is that the fridge was a way for G\’mo to feed herself, a way to have a snippet of control over what she took in, what nourished her. She could buy her favorite refrigerated items and have them handy, no need to hope that the complex\’s food service would serve them up at meal time, she had them on hand instead. Comfort foods, nourishing foods, favorite foods could be within an arm\’s reach and available when desired. In a very concrete, physical way, the fridge was a giver of life…it brought nourishment and probably stored foods that brought back fond memories, foods that had a history with G\’mo, and helped keep her well in more ways than just physically. Now, the fridge is in Charlie\’s hands and will serve a similar purpose. Yes, the school cafeteria dishes up all kinds of foods, but he will have the option, now, to stock the fridge with life giving foods that have a history with Charlie, that remind him of things, places, people that make him smile, foods he can share with others who need a kind gesture, who need to be nourished. I have a feeling it will serve him well…

Is there a profound generational link here? Can a fridge have a spiritual side? :-) I\’m not sure I can answer that, but I\’d like to think that G\’mo smiles every time Charlie opens that fridge door…

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