Choosing Second Chances

Man and Sun 

On Saturday I went to visit my stepfather who is in an inpatient psych ward due to mental instability. In an utter psychic turnaround, he was in his right mind, totally lucid and present and processing life in meaningful ways. His eyes in previous days had been clouded over (how better to explain this, I don’t know), on Saturday they were clear, unsullied and the color of his teal scrubs. I’ve never ever seen him so sober and engaged in life. I talked to Mom today and he has stayed in this frame of mind since Saturday. If you’ve been praying for him: thank you, thank you, thank you!

At one point in the visit I thanked him for coming back to us. I mentioned I knew that coming back was hard work…his eyes teared up and he looked at me as if to say, “you have no idea how hard.”

The doctors are crediting the adjustment of medication for his recovery. I don’t doubt that medication can help and that Western medicine (although so many are demonizing it nowadays) has its place in God’s grand scheme of things. I also know that understanding physical laws is only part of the picture regarding how our bodies and minds work.

As I understand it, everything is decided spiritually before it happens physically…I’ve seen this played out time and time again. Sometimes there is a lag in time between the spiritual and physical and sometimes they happen almost simultaneously, but the spiritual always comes first. In previous blogs I unpacked some of my beliefs regarding this crisis with my stepfather. One of them, Hoping Patiently, revealed how I have been praying for him, what has been on my heart to pray for him. It had to do with his will and spirit and that somehow he had a choice in all of this to come back to us. The focus of the prayer was that God would beckon loudly to him and that he would hear Him and turn, decide to return to reality, decide to return to us. Most of last week and especially Friday this prayer was immediately before me, I was perpetually lifting it, every moment was bathed in this prayer. Saturday it was gone, before I even knew he was “back” and lucid, it was gone. I tried to pray it, but there was no energy, no compunction to pray for it, there was just peace. From past experience I knew that either God had released me from my prayer duties or that the prayer had been answered, the crisis was over (usually it is the latter). So, seeing him Saturday totally affirmed that the prayers had been answered, that the peace piece was related to the battle being over, the battle being won. I love it when this happens!!!!

He and Mom have a long, long way to go and he will be hospitalized for awhile (although the doctors are tickled pink with his recent progress), so much lies before them, all of it very difficult…going to stick close and going to continue to pray for them. I’m just grateful God gave him a second chance at life and that, as I see it, he chose a second chance at life.

Welcome back, stepfather, very good to see you again! :-)



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