Consumer Confidence

Well, unless we\’ve been living under a rock this past week, we\’re fully aware of the financial crisis the USA is in. Defaulting lenders are popping up like dandelions in spring….nasty buggers. Seems the solution is for the government to throw taxpayers dollars at them…although, even Congress is choking on this tough swallow. Consumer and investor confidence in the markets is paramount and a lack of confidence is bound to be catastrophic (worse than the Great Depression, they\’re projecting).

Let\’s pretend we\’re aliens in space for a second…we look down and see people spending more than they make, buying homes their income cannot sustain. Then these dear souls hit the wall, they cannot afford their lifestyles or their homes anymore, the credit has run out. They tell the lender \”sorry, can\’t pay…no payment in sight\”. The lender gets these messages umpteen times a day for months and pretty soon the lender is flat broke or swimming in their own unmanageable debt. The lender looks around and sees they do not stand alone…other lenders are going under just as fast as they are. The lenders link hands and scream for help, justifying a rescue because of all the innocent ones who rely on them for credit. Where do they go? They go to the government, which is, in its basic form, many of the people who\’ve defaulted on their loans as well as all the borrowers who have good credit standing…they go back to those they\’ve extended credit to and are looking for bail out, looking for payment via a different means. As an alien in space, I think I would see one big greenback circle ahappenin\’.

I\’m no economist, so maybe I have all this wrong…very well could be.

I do wonder what God sees, though (no alien in this paragraph ;-). Could He be seeing the heart of the matter? Is He eyeballing the god who rules here? Who is the consumer and investor putting their confidence in, their trust in, who do they believe can save them, shore them up? \”The markets\” is the CNN answer. What is the \”markets\”? How about the archaic god \”mammon\”? (according to Webster\’s: the false god of riches, wealth) Is mammon wielding his whip and causing quite a stir? I think so… The way I see it, mammon has America by the throat and we\’re panicking, we\’re trying to throw more money at him to keep him happy, to make sure he keeps us happy so we can keep putting our trust in him. We\’ve locked him in as our god–a god whom we seek security from. The God we worship every Sunday across the nation in every city, town and village is nowhere to be seen in this…We claim Him, but worship mammon.

Is God sending this potentially cataclysmic catastrophe our way to punish us for putting mammon first? No, I don\’t think God has to do squat in this one…sooner or later (depending on Congress) we\’re going to have to live with the consequences of putting mammon first, live with the consequences of our own bad choices (choices which always stem from where our heart is, whom we worship). Unfortunately there will be innocent casualties…there always are when bad choices are made.

Hopefully we will learn from this…learn to turn from mammon, learn to starve the beast and watch him shrivel in our hearts. In his place? How about the one we claim to worship, how about God for our security, our sustenance, our nourishment? I mean this quite literally and not just spiritually. Throughout the Bible and in the lives of billions of Christians, God has shown up and provided what was needed, quite practically, quite literally, quite physically. He is not limited by our thinking, our understanding (thank goodness)…He can do whatever, whenever…we just need to turn and trust, believe, put our confidence in Him and let dear old gluttonous mammon die an ugly death.

Will we learn? Guess that piece is up to us, isn\’t it?

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