Musically Exorcised

(pic: Marsh Chapel Choir with orchestration for Bach Cantata)

Live music. Fortunately, Rich (my husband) and I have attended quite a few concerts in the past ten days. We\’ve been to a Minnesota Orchestra concert, a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert, a Boston University Jazz performance, our son\’s Marsh Chapel choir concert, a Marsh Chapel worship service (with Charlie\’s chapel choir singing) and tonight we\’re going to Emily\’s (our daughter) high school band concert at Orchestra Hall that will be followed by a Minnesota Orchestra concert. If you total that up, that is seven performances in ten days, not bad!!

Something I love about good music is that it helps keep the heart open. Musicians and those who listen to them tend to have hearts that stay open, which makes them more open to others and to God. They tend to be more gentle folk, more compassionate folk, people who move more from the heart and less from the head.

Maybe good music not only helps keep hearts open, but maybe it helps closed hearts open…ever notice at concerts that people cough? The better the music, the more the coughing….I couldn\’t help noting as much at the Boston Symphony Orchestra concert last week…there really was a lot of coughing going on. Granted the place was packed with white heads and blue hairs and it is the season for allergies, so maybe that had everything to do with it…but maybe not…

What could coughing have to do with opening hearts, you may ask…well, this is going to seem like a \”she can\’t be serious\” stretch here for some of you, but the other place people cough is at charismatic deliverance sessions. Ummm…have I lost you? Well, when demons exit a person that person most often coughs. What is happening spiritually is manifest physically and often times coughing is that physical manifestation (coughing is the most subdued of the manifestations…vomiting, frothing at the mouth, convulsive body movements are some of the more dramatic manifestations).

So, dare I posit a link here? Does great music exorcise demons? Is all that coughing in music halls across America and around the globe little more than an unconscious release of demons from one\’s self? As the heart opens and beauty enters, even just a little bit, do demons exit?

Well, this is all great fun to conjecture about, I must admit. But then, I do wonder…are angels actively swooping in to music halls across the planet and kicking out those who would keep us from apprehending the beauty of God manifest in lifegiving music? Is great music an avenue through which our heart is gently massaged open and the evil that resides within is lifted away?

Is there anything in the Bible that could support such an assertion? What comes to mind is found in 1 Samuel 16 where we see the boy David (later to become King David) playing harp for King Saul. It says in verse 23: \”So it came about whenever the evil spirit from God came to Saul, David would take the harp and play it with his hand; and Saul would be refreshed and be well, and the evil spirit would depart from him.\” (NASB) There may be more Biblical instances, this is the only one I\’m aware of at present.

Is the converse true? Is our resistance to great music little more than an indication of our heart being closed, of our heart actively retaining darkness, of our desire to keep God at an arm\’s length?

Wow! I just realized that I may be stating that musicians and those who attend concerts are extraordinarily beautiful, holy people…no, I wouldn\’t say that at all. Maybe we are little more than unconsciously seeking deliverance from that which seeks our destruction. Maybe we are using music to get in touch with God, regardless of our system of belief. Maybe God uses music to reach us concert goers, uses it to get beneath our veneer and usher in Light where darkness holds sway. Hope so….Looking forward to the concerts tonight! :-)

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