Moving As One

(pic: Emily\’s band concert at Orchestra Hall last night)

Emily, our sixteen year old, played beautiful music last night in a concert at Orchestra Hall with her high school band (Great solos, Em!! Way to shine Wind Ensemble!!). To her chagrin, I was asked to chaperone and accepted. Climbing aboard the big yellow school bus loaded with band kids, I remembered the last time I chaperoned a band trip: Emily was in 8th grade and the kids were…ummm…squirrely. I remember after a full day of policing that I would never do that again, it was completely exhausting. Most of the kids were ok, but just a few weren\’t, and they had a knack for polluting the group, if you know what I mean…

Yesterday was comprised of most of those same kids, three years later. The ones I remember that were the trouble makers three years ago weren\’t part of this group, though. Only the high band was invited to play and those kids evidently aren\’t part of this group. So, we had fifty some odd 9th-12th graders to watch over. It was a breeze, even a joy! The kids were given a few instructions on where and what they could and couldn\’t do and seemed to have no problems moving within the boundaries set. Conscientious, polite and self contained are the descriptions that come to mind. After practice they were allowed one and a half hours to find a local place to eat and roam the city. We chaperones headed to Brits, a local British pub, and had dinner. When we got back all the kids were in place, dressed and ready to go. The band director, Dr K., didn\’t even do a head count, he just seemed to know all the kids were there and trusted them to be set to go. He was right.

There was a flow to the group, they seemed to move as one. At the get go, Dr K. took some kids to set up the stage and left the others in the practice room. After awhile the kids in the practice room, all at the same time, took out their instruments and began warming up, without instruction to do so. The timing was perfect, for shortly thereafter it was time to head on stage and rehearse. Another time the group, all at once, became silent after chattering in small groups for a good twenty minutes. It was uncanny, for there was nothing to trigger it. The timing, again, was perfect for Dr K. was ready to speak. Not only was I blown away, but the Orchestra Hall staff noted what an amazing group of kids we have.

This all makes me wonder if, as Christians, we don\’t have a flow, don\’t move as one. In the Bible the Apostle Paul notes in 1 Corinthians 12 that we are the body of Christ, which, to me, means that there is flow and purpose to our movement and that we do so in unity. I wonder if we, as a global population and those that populate the other side of this life, don\’t move at the same time in the same direction, don\’t stop and pause together to await the Instructor\’s directions, don\’t self regulate so the group isn\’t riddled with chaos and dissention. Could the fruits of the spirit found in Galatians 5:22: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control not only be used to feed others the life of Christ (be our witness) but be integral to the well being of the very body of Christ? I guess this is a no brainer, looking at it objectively. What is cool is that last night I got to be a witness of such unity. I got to be fed by it, was encouraged to see it is possible…I mean, if a group of teenagers can do it…

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