Finally Home

Charlie at BU day one 








(pic of Charlie the day he moved in to his college dorm)

Today is the day! Charlie, our freshman college son, is on a flight home right now from Boston University. This is his first trip home since he left in August. I woke this a.m. excited–my stomach had that strange anticipation feel to it and my body felt ‘on’, even though I’d just awakened. I’m really looking forward to having him here for these few days, but especially having him home for Thanksgiving.

Charlie tends to move as part of a group–he has warned me that if he comes home right after the flight (friends are picking him up), that he’d be with several friends. I replied with a ‘Bring it on!’ ‘They’re all welcome!’ Anything so that we get to see him sooner than later, anything so that we can hear his voice in this space again and see his visage in the flesh. Yesterday I went and bought pop, chips, M & M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups–just for the teen landing that might occur. When I told him what I bought, he noted how unhealthy it sounded…don’t think he’s as thrilled with junk food as he used to be. I may go out and grab a cheese and cracker tray, some grapes and a few more frozen pizzas yet this a.m., to help round out the nutrition count.

Last week I manhandled the vacuum and duster and went to town in his room–reclaimed it from a few spiders, a couple of crickets and lots of dust. Bedding was washed all the way down to the bare box spring and I tried to put a few things back to the way they were before he left. I’m hoping he’ll find the privacy of his own room and sleeping in his own bed a reason to come home every night–will see.

Rich, my husband, is going to try to come home early from work today, in hopes Charlie will be here. Emily, our daughter, is home all day (as far as I know) and is really looking forward to having him home. Our dog, Buster, will undoubtedly go bezerk when he sees Charlie–bezerk in a good, although highly annoying, way. Our cat, Boots, will surely come to greet him and relish every opportunity to land on him.

As you can see, we’re really looking forward to Charlie’s coming home. We love him dearly and have missed him something terrible…

While laying in bed this a.m., with my stomach doing back flips, it came to me that what we’re feeling may be just a glimpse of what it is like for those in heaven when they realize we’re on our way Home. I can’t say for sure, who can, really? But what if? What if deceased grandparents and great-grandparents are standing at the gates of heaven looking for me, anxiously anticipating my arrival? What if Jesus is done preparing a heavenly home for me and is ready to jump at the cue to come and bring me Home? What if loved ones, who’ve gone before, are listening for the announcement that I’m on my way?

Like I said earlier, I can’t say for sure. But I do know that it very well could be like that, for it seems just like God to want to shower His ‘finally home’ children with hugs and kisses, pizza and pop, friends and family, clean bedding and cozy surroundings.

Of course, the real joy of Homecoming will be seeing Him face to face, embracing our Lord and knowing we made it safe and sound and that we’re wanted, that we’re loved, that we’re finally, finally Home.

**If you and I don’t connect tomorrow, I wish you a very wonderful Thanksgiving! May we all take time to truly thank our God for all of His many blessings! He is worthy, He is worthy…**


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