International Peace Light

Have you heard about this? This is so cool, just have to blog about it.

Every year in the Bethlehem grotto manger where Jesus was reportedly born, a lantern is lit. This flame is then transported to Vienna where people come to spread it around the world. It arrives, via the Boy Scouts, in New York City December 10th for distribution. A delegation of Boy Scouts from Minnesota will drive to New York and meet the flame at JFK and bring it home. On their way they will be stopping at Boy Scout Councils in State College, PA; Toledo, OH; Chicago, IL; Madison, WI and finally in Bayport, MN (Map of this trek with some details is found at The flame isn\’t considered to be a religious symbol, but is meant to be a message of peace and good will. It is distributed into places of worship, prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters and, no doubt, is available to take home.

I don\’t have details on places where it will be available other than Bayport, MN. In Minnesota: \”On December 14, 2008 the Peace Light flame will be available for distribution from noon to 4:00 pm at Bethlehem Lutheran Church 490 4th Street North Bayport, Minnesota 55003. Everyone is welcome to come to Bethlehem where the flame will be shared and distributed. If you wish to take the Peace Light flame away with you, a vessel is needed to transport the flame. Small candle lantern will be available at Bethlehem for purchase. Special arrangements for Peace Light distribution may also be accommodated.\” (taken from If you\’re elsewhere, you can check this website or contact your local Boy Scouts and see what they may know…I don\’t see anything on the Internet with a map of full US distribution. There may be one, but I don\’t see it.

A light in Bethlehem is born, He is Christ the Savior. As the Gospel of John says, Jesus is \”the true light that gives light to every man\” (1:9) If you see, help distribute or take home the Peace Light flame this Christmas season, remember the \”true Light\” and from where both came from…a humble grotto manger in Bethlehem. \”Peace on earth, good will to men\” (Luke 2:14)

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