Auto God in Detroit

Auto God 

Have you seen the NY Times article, Detroit Churches Pray for ‘God’s Bailout‘? Wow!  SUV’s up front during worship, an United Auto Worker’s VP encouraging congregants to pray for a bailout, a Catholic bishop rallying the city’s religious leaders to call on Congress for $$, etc. etc.

It appears that Detroit is feeling a wee bit threatened. I’m guessing that change is not welcome, so they’re seeking God to come through with a the rescue via Congressional vote. Hmmm…sounds like something the rest of us would do. I don’t want to judge Detroit here, but I think they’re exemplifying something we all do: expecting God to show up and bailout according to our plan. I don’t hear, in this article, church leaders calling the people to pray for God’s plan or way through this, just a call to pray for God to coerce Congress to act according to the industry’s/people’s plan. This quote sums it up nicely, I think: “We have done all that we can do in this union, so I turn it over to the Lord” (General Holiefield).

Yes, there is Christianese tucked in for good measure, like “pray for a miracle” and “keep the faith” but it seem to be enmeshed in a worldview that doesn’t put God first. The industry, the people’s livelihood, is put first and God is called upon to save the industry, so people can thrive. I don’t see hints of anyone proposing that God may be guiding the community into new places, into new ways of doing life, of surviving, thriving.

Like the photo plainly shows: the auto god is being worshiped and it appears God is being summoned to help prop it up.

God help us all…


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