Christmas Letter 2008

 Well, we printed and stuffed our hearts out last night. Mailed today will be our family’s Christmas letter (although we ran out of ink late last night, so a few more are yet to be printed/mailed…so it goes). This year it is in poem form and was written by our sixteen year old daughter, Emily (terrific work, Em–even the blog/dog correlation is growing on me. Not! :-). I share it with you as I see you all as friends of mine. Thanks for taking an interest in this site and for the ways you bless me with your presence here. I pray you all have a God-kissed Christmas.

‘Twas the year before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

With the big bro in college, so far, far out east
He is missed here at home if to just say the least.
He’s in choir in a church and made many new friends.
And he’s finding that college will now his mind bend.
He’s off playing his trumpet in Boston, M.A.
And he’s loving BU, but it’s so far away!

His li’l sister just misses him so very much,
But her plate is so full with her schoolwork and such.
She spends plenty of time with her friends and online,
But her clubs and her grades are still perfectly fine.
She now sings in the choir and still plays in the band
And she sang in the play with her singing so grand.

Mom’s got prayer group and studies her Bible each day,
And she always has time to still get her own way.
As the day goes on slowly and Mom makes her blog,
She wants all you to read it with joy like a dog.

Oh and speaking of dogs, our dog, Buster, you know.
He’s amazing and twelve with his spirits not low.
He’s as joyful and healthy as ever before
Between barking and sleeping, he’s never a bore.

Then there’s Boots, who just loves to be lazy and fat.
He is eight now and still the best cuddling cat.

As the dad of the family works hard all day long,
His new job is a challenge. He sings a new song.
Though he works all the time, he still spends time with all.
Like the people around him…the short and the tall.
He plays games with his daughter and makes his wife smile.
And he ran a full marathon (more than a mile)

And now that’s what we do in the time that we spend.
That’s the life of our family, beginning to end.
With our love and the hope that your Christmas is white,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

By: Emily

With Love,
Rich, Jodi, Charlie and Emily


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