Spiritual Sight

I\’m going in this afternoon to a Lasik clinic to get my eyes checked to see if they\’re good candidates for corrective vision surgery. I\’ve been wearing glasses or contacts since the age of ten, so the very thought of seeing without aid kinda blows my mind.

A friend once told me that once her surgery was over, it was immediate–she could see. She said it was like a miracle. Sight to the blind in an instant.

Jesus, of course, gave sight to blind people–we see recorded instances of it in Scripture. Does He still give sight to the blind? I believe it happens, but I don\’t think many in developed countries actually pray for healing, for nowadays we have vision aids. We don\’t need healing if we can wear glasses or contacts, right?

Do we do the same with our spiritual sight, I wonder…Do we grab quick, at our finger tips, spiritual aides to help us see a way through situations? Christian ones, of course, riddled with quick fixes and coping mechanisms to help us get through the day. For instance, do we don spectacles that show us how to \’be nice\’ when someone is being mean to us? Do we pop in lenses that help us see how to lead a ministry or raise children? Do we grab a monocle that reveals a way out a sticky situation?

Are we practicing little more than self help when we grab a viewing aid? Do we even check in with the Healer to see if He may have a way of seeing that is specific to the situation that will bring His presence, love and perspective smack dab into the middle of things?

It is easy to reach for the cheaters…we\’ve all done it. It may be worth asking God for 20/20 spiritual sight, though. I guess we won\’t know unless we ask…I\’m betting He relishes bringing sight to the blind…

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