Religion of Sex

Mark Driscoll 

Mark Driscoll. Have you heard of him? He’s a hip, young pastor of the Emerging Church vein that has one of the most dynamic, growing young churches in the nation, in Seattle no less. It is called Mars Hill. He has several YouTube postings (some topics he addresses: tatoos, alcohol consumption, sex before marriage, homosexuality, masturbation, masculinity, etc), some of which I watched this a.m., after reading a New York Times article on him entitled “Who Would Jesus Smack Down?”.  He’s a powerful speaker and a straight shooter. He says what he believes, undiluted.

I leave you with a clip of his entitled “Religion of Sex”

 It’s about 3-4 minutes long. His other clips are worth a gander too, some are quite entertaining and most have great insight (I almost posted his “Dead Christians” link instead).

Unable to view? Visit


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