In a Dream

Last night I slept twelve hours…was so tired at 7:30p that I crawled into bed, read a bit and fell fast asleep. One of my dreams (the one I remember) depicted me as an actress in a soap opera(!). I was type cast, as my character was in keeping with my values and personality–it was easy work. It was my first week on the \’job\’ and I think I was doing it as a favor for someone (they needed an actress–this was not a career I was seeking out). As I recall, I did ok and was able to keep the home fires burning (I recall grocery shopping for the family, tending a bunch of 8 to 10 year old children in my home, etc) at the same time.

So, am I doing this in my real life? Am I playacting a part on one level for someone\’s \’sake\’? Do they need me to be a certain way and I nod and go? I can\’t see this in my life if it is so…Or, am I moving out, away from the home? Am I helping forge a new story \’out there\’, a story that I am so new to that it feels like I\’m not quite myself in it yet? It feels like acting…could the one who needs me to enter this drama be the divine playwright–God?

Who are all these kids in my house (house often equals one\’s life in dreams), I wonder? I\’ve heard that babies/children in a dream can be those things in your life that you\’ve given birth to…things like ministries, relationships, careers, etc. I don\’t feel like I have a house full of anything, right now…so maybe I\’m \’off\’ on this one. I do know, that whatever they represent, that I\’m making sure they have nourishment (grocery shopping and all). Hmmm…what am I feeding in my life? Good thing to reflect on, pray about… I also know that they are old enough, mature enough, to not need me babysitting them 24/7 and that they interact with each other well. In the dream I remember being pleasantly surprised that they did so well together without me around.

I need to pray and seek on this one, for this dream speaks to places I cannot name…places that are, but are not in my awareness yet. \”Could be\’s\” crop up, but nothing lands fast and hard. Thankfully, if Jesus is trying to tell me something here, He will. He\’ll make it clear, He is God, after all :-)

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