Desperate Valentine

I think today is a keenly difficult day for many. If one is without a significant other, has lost a spouse or has recently broken up with someone they would have rather stayed with, pain probably hangs close and every red heart in sight stings.

Some are desperate for love. Do you know what I\’m talking about? You know, people who are hungry for attention, scrambling for someone to see them and love them. When one turns their way one is practically smothered. They want more than to connect, they want that \’high\’ that comes with love and they seek it from anyone who\’ll wink their way.

It has been awhile, but I\’m pretty sure I\’ve resided in both of those paragraphs. The first one was probably in high school when practically everyone got in-school Valentines presented to them (you could buy a Valentine and have it delivered to whomever), but me. I know this is an exaggeration, that I wasn\’t alone…it just felt like it. I remember watching the Valentine delivery people enter class and hand out flowers and singing Valentines. When they left I had all I could do to keep tears from peppering my algebra. I always thought one year I\’d get one…I was mistaken.

The other one also takes me back–I could flirt with a fly on a wall. Flirting, if done well, does ensure attention all right, attention with that high I mentioned before. I did have some pretty stiff morals, so it only rarely became anything more than fun conversation and a way to \’be\’ with some guys.

So, is God \”in\” desperate love? Is the fact that we experience it an indication of His having planted a deep desire to love and be loved in us? Yes, I think is the accurate answer there. Oh, and I would take it a step further–that we won\’t be satisfied in love until He\’s the One we love the most. I hear His love highs are mind blowing, beyond any earthly pleasure, beyond the attention of or sensual boost we can get with another.

Want a Valentine? God is always saying \”Be Mine\”. Give Him a try and see, accept His love, ask Him to help you know it deep within, and find yourself bathed in it. Desperation and sorrow flee and in some mysterious way we become lovers with the Lover of our soul. Now there, Happy Valentine\’s Day dear friend!

(Contemplative update: missed it some yesterday. Did do a bit on the high school bus to the convention center, surrounded by teens, no less…maybe 10 minutes at the most. Abysmal, I know…)

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One thought on “Desperate Valentine

  1. Thank you Jodi for this post. It is so true. And being a widow after forty years I deal daliy with the aloneness. This is a hard day for a lot of us but as you said if God is our first love then we can rise above it. I would only add that if He has placed the desire in our hearts to leave our hearts open to another mate then He will provide. If I knew your address I would send you the biggest Valentine card I could find. Love, Your sister in Christ, Sharon


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