Mama Bear

At our church’s quiet prayer service last night I grabbed a book off the resource table and read a poem that hit home a truth I knew but didn’t know…get my drift here? I knew it intellectually but didn’t really know it at a deeper level.

Jesus, on the cross, took our sin on Himself. Yeah, you’ve probably already heard that one, me too. But if we ponder it a second that means that no part of us isn’t His. He has our good, hitting the mark parts and our less than stellar, missing the mark parts.

He died to reconcile us with God, which means He took even our darkness into Himself so nothing can stand between us and God, nothing. I’ve always thought that my sin is my sin, and that He has no part in it. Seems He is right in the midst of it, taking it on Himself (if we surrender it to Him for cleansing/healing/a transformed heart) so we might see God.

Dare say Jesus is one active Heavenly Dude, perpetually intercepting our small and dark places so we can know His love, His healing, His glorious Tomorrow. I can’t think of an example here, except a video I recently saw of a mama bear defending her cubs from a starving male bear that was looking for lunch. First time she met him on the side of the river she and her cubs were on and she was ferocious, utterly ruthless. Mr Bear retreated, for a while. Second time she saw him coming she charged across the river and met him there, no more defensive moves, she was all offense. She brought the fight to his neck of the woods and was even more ferocious than at first. I switched off the video at that point, not wanting to see the end result. You know Mr Bear, if he survived at all, was never seen again. Mama Bear may have been hurt, may have even eventually died from her wounds, but you know those baby bears knew life because she was actively intercepting anything that threatened their well being.

Like I mentioned earlier, surrender is key. Jesus doesn’t go where He isn’t invited. Can be easy to compartmentalize our sin and see it as something we own, our problem to fix. If we hand it to Him, He not only protects us, He transforms our hearts so that we no longer seek dark corners to feed our insatiable hunger, or make ourselves vulnerable to starving beasts. God’s feast is enough, is more than we could ever consume, and we finally realize the Truth…we willingly let His light blast our dark corners so that they become healing corners, corners where we can bring others so that they may experience His light too.

It is a hard thought to imagine Jesus taking my sin on Himself, that He is actively in the surrendered sinful places in my life, making good. Yet He did and does. That is the whole point in His Resurrection. Sin and death are defeated and are being defeated, one sin, one death blow at a time because He took it all into Himself and stands between me and them. One ferocious Mama Bear on guard, ready for action, sacrificing everything so that I might see God. I stand in awe, yet how could He be otherwise…

(contemplative prayer update: I’m still battling this virus, so prayer has been difficult, which has led me to skirt it altogether. Last night’s service was helpful, as you can see. I’m also rather busy, which is hindering things and cluttering my mind…busyness may be one of those ‘missing the mark’ places in my life right now…even though it is almost all God oriented busyness…)


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