I Think Winter Knows It

It is snowing, has been snowing. Spring has been peeking around the corner here and there, but today it looks like winter, feels like winter. In Minnesota we aren\’t surprised, just dismayed. Will it ever happen, will spring ever spring? Awhile back one of us put away the gloves and hat…only to take it out again within a week\’s time. We\’ve all lived that one. At one point we seem to think we know when the last arctic blast has hit, only to be proven wrong.

We\’re in the midst of nature\’s emulation of the eternal life and death dance. With winter, death seems fully present and immovable. With spring, life struggles to overcome death and sprout. I\’ve seen green shoots in my garden already and many mama robins are bulging and ready to lay their eggs. Today they are all buried in cold and snow. Winter asserts death, bares its teeth and smiles menacingly.

In the lives of some people I know and in some groups I observe, the same dance is taking place. Some are getting \’hit\’ by illness and disease, yet are finding new hope and recovery. Some are dying, some are being born. Some are sprouting spiritually, some are refusing and others are struggling, in fits and starts, to see. They all intermingle and influence each other. Who or what will win, I wonder?

Death doesn\’t go without a fight…winters in Minnesota highlight that truth. But we know, yes we know, life wins, spring happens. Death looked like it had won when Jesus hung on the cross, yet Life conquered death three days later. We\’re in the End Times, the time between Jesus\’ ascension and the final Judgment, a time when angels and demons fight for souls, life and death struggle to rule our hearts. Yet we know, yes we know that even with casualties that Life reigns, Life wins in the end.

Spring happens, regardless of what winter wants. Today is just a reminder that death is still hanging around puffing out its chest inducing despair. But soon, very soon baby birds will chirp, lawnmowers will rumble, gardens will blossom. Spiritually speaking, some will see Jesus, some will mature and bloom, some will birth new Life. It is inevitable, friends….Spring wins and I think winter knows it…

(Contemplative prayer update: did do this a.m. Was a deep time in His presence…think He gave me the idea for this blog then. Just being with God is so worth it, why do I shy away?)

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