Palm Sunday

In worship this morning the children processed to the front with waving palm branches while the adult choir sang. Today is Palm Sunday, the day we remember Jesus entering the city of Jerusalem on a donkey, while people throw down cloaks and palm branches before Him. They hail Him as the coming Messiah, as the King, the Son of David. Most commentaries agree that the people were expecting a political Savior, someone who would oust the Romans and establish a Jewish nation, just like the glory days of King David.

Few, if any of the people of the day realized Jesus came not with political power or military might. He didn’t come to free the people from Roman oppression or to establish a Jewish nation. He didn’t come to rule over people.

No, Jesus isn’t into ruling people, lording it over them…no He’s into ruling through people. His Kingdom is manifest through those of us who believe, those of us who are surrendered and seeking His will. As surrendered and seeking Christians, we start to say things we’ve never said before, we begin to do things we’ve never done before, we think differently, we pray differently, we simply are different. Why? Because the Holy Spirit comes, takes up residence and begins to manifest the Will of the King through us. Our allegiance changes and, as a result, our lives change.

Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey, which denotes that He came in humility (military kings processed on horses). He still comes in humility–He waits for our invitation, waits for us to surrender inner places so He can enter and begin His work through us.

He enters humbly to rule through us…dare you to find another king like that…

(Contemplative prayer update: ok, I’ve been negligent…Wed and Thurs were the last times I did contemplative prayer. I fell asleep last night, while entering it, so I guess that doesn’t count.)


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