Puzzle of Prayer


Yesterday I drove north for two hours to set up a prayer room for our church’s women’s retreat this weekend. Emily has two performances this weekend, so I am staying home, yet I felt God nudging me to go and set up the prayer room for them. So, packed up the station wagon and headed out early, early with the hopes of getting out of there before many women arrived–which I managed pretty well.

A week or more ago I sat before God asking Him if there were any special instructions for the room. The puzzle idea below came–I honestly cannot say if I’ve ever seen it anywhere else, it felt original. The only image that correlated with it in my mind is the garden in the novel The Shack (the mix of colors, the flashing nonlinear arrangement).

I used a sixteen piece blank white puzzle (found at a craft store).


   Puzzle of Prayer

 After a time of personal prayer, take one puzzle piece out of the bag and color it with the markers provided. Color the piece in a way that reflects your prayers to God or your prayer time. Use one or more colors and one or more patterns or shapes on the piece. Assemble it with others, if possible. In the end, after others have contributed to the puzzle, a picture of prayer will result.

I hope they bring it back for me/others to see. Since God put it there, it must matter, it must be there for the benefit of someone or maybe even the group. Very cool! Go God!!


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