Laid Off

Laid Off fortune cookie

Rich, my husband, came home last night with news: he’s been laid off…last day is Friday. The company is downsizing again, they’ve been through numerous lay offs. We’ve a common story, I know–more and more common as the days go by. Last night was a somber evening. Bedtime came early, not much to say. The unknown looms large, yet as we pray we sense a possible new direction that He is calling us into.

With no severance pay and no job in the wings, we’ll be sitting down this week at the proverbial kitchen table to hash out finances. It won’t be pretty and, with spendy summer afoot, we’ll have to reconsider much.

The temptation is to jump in head first and make tomorrow happen, control and manipulate our way into a check in the mail. The worldly nudge is to look out instead of look Up, to hit the ground a running and never pause to pray. Never seek His tomorrow, just make our own tomorrow happen and with a tidy sum in hand, thank you very much.

Some take it to the other extreme–some sit passively waiting for a bailout, expecting God to sugar daddy them into income. They tend to pray (bless them) but often do not hear God, for God isn’t saying what they want to hear–they have selective hearing. So, “waiting on God” becomes the excuse for inaction, for a sinful sort of dependency. I’ve been accused of this one, yet when I look at my life God seems to be flooding it in so many other areas that I’m pretty sure I’d hear Him if He asked me to move into an area that generated income. I do feel open to that, that that door is open, just not being beckoned in that way…maybe with these new circumstances that will change. I’m fascinated to find out :)

So, we begin this new chapter in our days together. A new adventure is afoot. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes…appreciate your prayers.


One thought on “Laid Off

  1. Jodi I’m sorry to hear about your husbands lay off. You and your loved ones will be in my prayers that God will just pour out His blessings and guidence on you.


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