Migraines, Lies and the DMV

Ahhh…The migraine is gone this morning. The pain has departed and everything seems so much brighter, so much crisper, so much more manageable, even. During my doctor’s visit (see previous blog, Spiritual Health) I could feel it coming on. I’d been without coffee all morning so I could take a fasting blood sugar test. By the time I left the clinic, I knew I was in trouble. Even the dash to McDonalds drive-thru for an iced latte afterward didn’t help…

Migraines are tricky devils. They require a set of triggers to set them off, and those triggers can vary from migraine to migraine. Certain foods can be catalysts, monthly hormonal fluctuations often contribute and even weather changes can take a bow. Stress, like with every illness, usually gets its two cents in too.

As the throbbing began to subside, I watched an online video last night on migraines. Seems migraineurs (migraine sufferers) include famous people like Napoleon Bonaparte (not Dynamite) and Elvis (as in Presley). Am I comforted by this? Not really…. I’d rather not be on this list (sorry Elvis).

In reflecting, I think stress was a factor this time…stress induced by telling a lie. Yeah, I lied. After the doctor’s visit I ran to the local DMV office to get my driver’s license renewed–it expired the next day (my birthday), so I was just squeezing it in before the deadline. As the rather scary looking clerk asked me a host of questions, the answers to which will be displayed on my license, he inevitably asked my weight. Having just come from a physical, I knew the exact answer. I fudged, by 15 pounds even. It barely came out of my mouth and I’m sure he and everyone within earshot knew I was doing the boldface lie thing.

I’m not much for lying (just ask my kids). Long, long ago I used to not care, but after years of deception clouded a significant relationship I grew to recognize the error in telling lies, in not telling what is true. Damage is done, God is not mocked, consequences linger. And, as you can see, I suffered 2 1/2 days of searing pain which was probably linked to a 15 pound deception (16, actually…I was just rounding down…but that extra pound could have been what my clothes weighed, so maybe it is just 15…).

So, instead of contacting DMV and asking for a retake, I’m going to lose those 15-16 pounds. Hopefully by the time I get my license in the mail I’ll be well on my way to matching up to the number on the license. No lie in my wallet, thank you very much.

Who knows, maybe after I lose this weight, the migraines will disappear. Now, that would be something, wouldn’t it? Got my sweats on, great morning for a run…bye, bye :)


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