Jesus as CEO?

increasing profits

Yesterday I accompanied Rich (my husband) to a meeting where his interview skills were critiqued.  Since he is currently unemployed and looking for work, the timing for this was perfect.  Thankfully, many new insights were gained.  In business, getting “in” requires a good interview.  Image and verbiage matters, selling self shoots to the top.

I think some of us feel like we need a similar stance with the church or even with God.  We can’t really approach Him or His people until we’ve got our life “resume” in order, until we can answer certain questions well, until our personal references check out.  We forget God and His people aren’t looking for highly qualified candidates.  All that is required is a “yes” and a willingness to turn our backs on sin and turn toward Him.  At that point the Spirit is given, healing starts, cleansing ensues, power and love begin to flow.  We come as we are, with all our ‘stuff’: pride, addictions, shame, sin, convoluted worldviews and He meets us there and invites us into new places…places that foster faith, truth, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness and self-control.  His people rally around us and act as nurses and counselors, people who basically reside in the hospital bed next to ours but are willing to share what they know and show us how to let go of what was and embrace Who Is.  I do think that that is when we begin to build our resume, that is when we learn the answers to certain questions, that is when we start building Christ centered relationships, that is when true healing begins.

As Americans I think it is easy to see Jesus as CEO, see Him as the One in charge of an organization that hires and fires, that brings in the qualified and boots out the bums.  We forget His sacrifice for each one of us, we forget He takes in anyone who wants in, we forget He wants every planet dweller ‘in’.  The temptation is to forget that His door is wide open, that no interview or resume is needed, that the only credentials needed are repentance and surrender…something we all are wired to do, whether we believe it or not.

We’ll never be worthy, we’ll never have our act together before we come to Him–He is the only One who makes us worthy.  Even if we carefully concoct some sort of resume, He knows.  Even if we manage to interview well at the local church, He knows.  Even if we spoof our peers, He knows.  We’re known and there is no escaping it.  So come as is…no new shoes or polished image required or even desired.  Just be willing to change, grow, be molded, be healed, be scoured clean.  He’s for real, He’s standing with arms wide open and He’s hoping we all drop that front and just come as is…come as the one He sees.


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