Confession and Words of Assurance


Today was Graduate Recognition Sunday at church.  Our small country church has six high school graduates this year.  They were honored well and must know we love them so.  The service was put together by mere laity, with input from the graduates.  I had the honor of writing the liturgy, something I do from time to time. 

I feel led to share the Confession and Words of Assurance with you.  So, here it is:

Prayer of Confession:
We confess that we have sacrificed Your goodness for material goods.  We have meditated on our problems instead of meditating on Your promises.  We have shunned Your faithful love by seeking solace in sinful places.  We humbly seek Your mercy, O Lord.  Please forgive our rebellion and ignorance, our wayward hearts and loose tongues.  Restore us, O Lord, to the joy of Your salvation and make us willing to obey You.

Assurance of Pardon:                                                       from Psalm 32
People of God, please listen: God holds out His hand of mercy and blesses us by saying, “You told me your sins, without trying to hide them, and now I forgive you.”  Our sins are forgiven, He takes away our guilt.  In Jesus Christ you are forgiven and free. Amen.

I hope somehow this touches you, convicts you, assures you…whatever He wants it to do to you, may He have His way…

With a prayer for you, my friend, a prayer for all of us…Jodi


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