Running Uphill…Spiritually, Maybe Not So Bright


Three miles today. In an effort to get into shape, to be healthy, I’m jogging. I run a paved trek that starts at our front door and moves through an undulating landscape. With all the hills, it is a killer…In an effort to make it bearable, I run uphill and walk downhill….yep, run uphill and walk downhill.

I wonder why…why run up and walk down…you’d think it’d be the other way around.  Is it my personality?  Am I a run uphill sort of person?  When things get tough do I begin to sprint?  Do I just want to get it over with fast?  Do I focus on the hilltop and just keep moving?

Walking downhill is lovely, I think you can agree.  Even though it is easier to run downhill than to walk downhill, by walking one gets to look around, appreciate the scenery, recover from the tortuous ascent just endured.  I know I look forward to the easy trek when I’m pounding up, up, up the veritable (albeit grossly exaggerated) mountain looming before me.  Knowing it isn’t forever or even for long, helps me not give up, helps me just keep going.

With Rich (my husband) unemployed and no income coming in, I’d say we’re in one of those uphill times of life.  The temptation is to go into high sprint mode…to just make it go away and fast.  With God in the middle, though, we’re stopping and seeking, we’re praying and waiting.  Much is being done (resume out, networking galore, multiple avenues being explored), but nothing is being forced.  We’re trusting Him to lead, to open the door we’re to walk through.  Each endeavor is bathed in prayer.  We can’t run up this hill for we can’t see the top…the top may be so far off that we’d die before we got there, heck it may be a mountain we’re climbing, can’t say.

I know as Christians we’re to run the good race, to just keep going, and that we are…no pulling the plug here.  We’ve had sweet downhill years where we’ve smelled the roses and been kissed by the trees, I cherish each moment.  Today, though, is more of an uphill climb and the end is not in sight.  It could be years, it could be a nightmare, it could be even harder to climb than other mountainsides we’ve ascended. 

I do want this all to go away, to quickly be done and on our way,  but am trusting, somehow trusting, that He knows what He is doing, that He is leveling out the road ahead so we can catch our breath from time to time, and that even if this is a mountainside that we’ll be ok, for He is with us.  Yes, as long as He is with us we’ll be ok….

(contemplative update: ok, well….I’ve been lax, ultra lax.  Today I did pray but jumped with the phone rang.  Twas a short time, but I did do it.  Not much to report other than lots of jumble in the brain…a sure sign I haven’t been keeping the discipline)


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