Dads Help Make Us Humane

Father and Child

Ran across this article this a.m.  It is entitled “Dads Are Key to Making Us Human”.  Thought I’d share it with you:

I’m pretty neutral on the evolution debate, so am not moving in that direction here.  I do love the article’s assertion that the presence of a dad matters in the social and emotional development of his children–that they provide safety, stability, provision, emotional contol capacities, etc. etc.  Also, the fact that an attentive father’s presence/nurturance reaps benefits for generations to come is refreshing to see…I love it when authors look down the line a bit. The ripples always go out…

As I ponder all of this I wonder if Jesus’ teaching of God as “Father” isn’t a divinely deliberate attempt to not only fill in biological daddy gaps–to help us feel/be secure, safe, empathic, emotionally stable, socially adept–but to also bump us into a place where we can be in a healthy relationship with not only other fellow human beings but also in a healthy relationship with Him, a healthy relationship with the Divine.  Could God’s daddyhood in our life help form us into ones who are able to initiate and maintain a healthy friendship with another Trinity dweller–Jesus?   Could healthy bonding with “Father” enable us to not only healthfully bond with others but also develop a close relationship with Jesus Christ? 

Could the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) exhibit different levels of intimacy with God?  Could Father be like a healthy biological father?  Could healthy friendship with Jesus beget something more…you know, like marriage (we are His bride…).  Could relationship with the Holy Spirit be the most intimate of all?  Could it be a manifestation of the consummation of our marriage to Jesus?  Could the fact that it surrounds, indwells and moves through us signify true intimacy? 

Thoughts for pondering, not sure of any of this…if you have additional thoughts to add, feel free to leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what you think or what you know…


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