Emptying Nest

Bird's nest

Off she goes.  Our seventeen year old daughter, Emily, just left for her first job interview.  Last week she pounded the pavement, stopped at sixteen different places and heard an unwavering “no” at thirteen.  She has interviews this week at two of the three remaining.  Of course I’m praying for her…

Early this a.m. I peeked into one of our hanging flower pots–the bird’s nest nestled within was empty.  Over the past weeks we’ve been carefully watering the plant, trying not to disturb the nest inside, for life it contained.  Five eggs cuddled close and then, later, three chicks presented themselves.  We watched them grow from most unsightly creatures to proper looking chicks.  Mama was always about and when we got too close she gave us a sound scolding, even swooping at us now and again.  Last week, at watering, one of the three flew out of the nest…I knew the end was near.

Later in the week I caught a glimpse of four small birds flying in formation, swooping up over our roof.  Mama leading, babies in tow.  It was beautiful and oh, so elegant.  She was teaching them to fly, in the sky she played with them.  For just a moment I marveled in wonder.

Our family resembles last week’s nest dwellers.  The kids are flying out of the nest but are not gone from the nest, not yet.  In a “week” though, they’ll be gone and the nest will be empty.  Our safe haven they’ll outgrow.  They’ll find other places to roost and then other places to build their own nests.  The nest of their early years will only be a memory.  Hopefully, like our flower pot dwellers, they’ll recall beauty and safety, they’ll recall provision, parental presence, guidance and care.  I don’t know if birds love their young, but I do hope our kids always remember how much we love them.

She’s home, she got the job!  (Way to shine, Em!!)  She trains in later this week.  Yep, the nest is emptying, the nest is emptying…one week more and the nest will sit empty.

Later this morning I heard a persistent chirping near where I was sitting.  I turned to see a small bird poised on our window sill looking in at me.  I swear it was one of the chicks.  We held each other’s gaze and after a few chirps it flew away.  What it said or was trying to convey I can only guess.  But maybe, just maybe, it came to say thank you and goodbye…


2 thoughts on “Emptying Nest

  1. Thanks Steve,
    I’ve read your article at the site listed and must agree wholeheartedly! Thanks for the comment and may our Lord bless your hand as you write…


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