Running in the Rain

Tree in rain

I ran in the rain today.  It wasn’t an intentional act, the rain just started falling in the middle of the run.  A motorist exiting his driveway yelled out his window that I was going to get wet…I nodded and looked up as the drops began to fall.  There was nowhere to get out of the rain, I just needed to get home.  There was no way to get home but to run in the rain.  So, in the rain I ran…all the way home.

I saw the rain before I felt the rain.  How this could be, I don’t know.  I’m not one of those skinny minnies who can run between raindrops (I’ve heard it rumored that some people are so thin they have to jump around in the shower to get wet–let’s just say in my pudgey state I’m not one of those. :))  Does this transfer into real life?  Well, maybe sometimes we see inclement circumstances approaching but don’t feel their presence right away.  Maybe sometimes there is a delay between what we know is coming and when it actually comes.  Is there a mercy in this?  I suppose so, at least for me today I had enough time to mentally prepare for running in the rain before I felt like I was running in the rain.

I wonder if running in the rain isn’t a reflection of our family life right now.  We are running the race of faith, yet rain drops on our path.  The sun is hidden, the sky shields it’s rays.  In these days of unemployment and financial strain, we listen closely yet only catch glimpses of what He’s saying, of what He wants.  It is as if we’re to stay in the rain, keep running in the rain. 

Maybe the rain comes to coax Life…maybe beyond this rainy spell we’ll discover green sprouts on the large but spiritually dead tree we call our life.  I guess that is His specialty isn’t it?  Bringing life from death, growing faith from nothing, coaxing Life into being. 

Running in the rain…kinda nice, hope inducing, even refreshing.  Thank you God!


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