“Aunt Jodi”

(pic of our nephew with a fish he caught while visiting.  Way to go, kiddo!)

“Aunt Jodi…” 

This week our soon to be nine year old nephew stayed with us.  Since he has only been known to us for a few years (due to my brother marrying his mother), we are still getting acquainted.  He has visited before but never stayed with us, so this was a treat.  Fishing with Rich and Emily, movie viewing with grandma, beach visiting with friends, hotwheels.com dominating, an evening of fun with another eight year old boy coupled with tacos, chips and pizza is a sampling of the sweeter moments.

One of the sweetest parts of the week for me, though, was when he said the words “Aunt Jodi”.  Having few nieces and nephews I rarely hear those words, yet coming from the mouth of this eight year old boy, they dripped with honey.  Every time I heard them, even before the rest of the sentence was said, I could feel a heart melt going on.  The words were sweet, intimate, golden.  I am an aunt, I am his aunt, I am related to my nieces and nephews in way few others are.  I have a special connection to these children: they are MY nieces and nephews and I am THEIR aunt–not everyone can claim that, only a few get that distinction.

In Christianity we have a special relationship with God, a relationship other religions cannot, do not claim.  We are God’s Children, He is our Father, our Abba, our Daddy.  We have a special relationship with Him that others do not.  He knows it, we know it.  We are part of the Family of God. 

I’m betting God has a heart melt every time we call Him “Father” or “Daddy” or “Papa”.  I’m betting that, like when I hear “Aunt Jodi”, such an address is sweet honey to His Ears.  As Christians we’re very close to God. Whether we believe it or not, we have an intimacy others do not.  All are invited, but few choose such a closeness to the One who created them, the One who (through Jesus Christ) broke down all barriers so we could enter His Family, be His Children, have the privilege of calling Him “Daddy”.

“Aunt Jodi” may morph over time, but I do believe it will always be sweet honey to my ears…


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