Global Obama Movement

[picapp src=”6/1/d/b/NOBEL_PEACE_PRIZE_52a2.JPG?adImageId=4996306&imageId=6761039″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

President Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize…

All that comes to mind with this “he’s got the potential to maybe someday earn this” award is that the world is rather taken with our President…

I’m sickened that many pavement pounding peace activists were overlooked.  I’m sure these tireless laborers never aim to win the Peace Prize, but to see it handed to a rhetorician who hasn’t established peace anywhere on the planet and who continues as the commander-in-chief of at least one war and numerous military actions…well…I’m sure they just wonder…

The aftermath of this awarding is what I’m most interested in.  Some political pundits are saying it’ll hurt him, that it magnifies his inability to actually create peace.  I’m not so sure, though…I think this will help raise him in the eyes of the world.  I think he will be better esteemed in those countries that have sat on the fence, Obama-ically speaking.  World leaders who’ve chuckled at our freshman president may sit a bit taller in his presence.  And then there are those who already love and believe in him: now they have something to hang their hat on, something to point to.  European politicians, African power wielders and multitudes of masses are standing and applauding.  They maybe trust in someone many Americans are not so quick to trust in–he is one of us, afterall, and a politician with little more than empty words for display.  Although, now I wouldn’t be surprised if congress all of a sudden opts to actively work with his domestic and foreign agendas, so that he (and, by close association, Americans) can live up to this high honor…a congressional save the President’s face move…yes, twill be interesting to see what the fallout is from this award.

OK, back to Obama and the rest of the planet: I think Americans need to pay attention to the Global Obama Movement…it isn’t official, but it is present.  Nobel judges may be echoing the hearts and minds of the peoples of the world…if we shrug this off we may miss it…

Obama and Nobel laureates aside, I’m grateful for the One who brings true Peace.  Jesus, our Prince of Peace will never win the Nobel Peace Prize, but I think He is OK with that…He’s never been into gaining the favor of the masses, just into saving one soul at a time…souls who are then imbued with His Peace, the Peace that passes all understanding.  Yep, no peace activist can touch Him…not even Obama…thank God!

(Contemplative prayer update: well, I’m praying about half the days of the week.  It is a dry prayer time, generally speaking…feels like a closed lid on top of my head…BAD for contemplative prayer.  Praying He’ll work in and through me anyway and somehow meet me in the deepest places of which I have no awareness of.)


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