We Met in a Dream III

Reynold & Ron Mainse
(Reynold Mainse, left; Ron Mainse, right)

Well, it seems interest is peaking again around the Mainse brothers, Reynold and Ron.  The two were linked with a Ponzi scheme back in May ’09 and were taken off the air waves of 100 Huntley Street, a Canadian daily Christian talk show. 

Back in June, before I knew about any of this (much less that Canada even had a Christian talk show!) I had a dream about Reynold (see We Met in a Dream)…God had a message for me, so I’ve been loosely following the story and praying for Reynold and family. (follow-up posting at We Met in a Dream II)

With all the information I can find online, I see that the brothers have been cleared of all wrongdoing  and that 100 Huntley Street was never tainted with illegal funds (see Christian Week’s August article 100 Huntley Street hosts still lying low for more info).  Ron (Reynold’s brother) went on the air at 100 Huntley Street last week and spoke openly and frankly about the scheme (see 1st of 3 video segments here) and later in the week Ron and Ann (his wife) spoke jointly about their involvement (see 1st of 2 video segments here).  They have sought God during these difficult days, provided restitution and have walked through a restoration process.  The couple is back on the air.

Reynold hasn’t appeared, as of yet.  Maybe he is in the restoration process still, or maybe he has opted out of 100 Huntley.  I have no information as to whether he and/or his wife, Kathy, will appear on the show ever again.  Evidently, they are actively involved in a different ministry (Heaven’s Rehearsal).

Anyway, as I release this story to the air waves, I lift a prayer:

Dear Jesus, please bring hope, healing and restoration to Reynold & Kathy, Ron & Ann.  Lift them from the places that pull them down, strengthen them to do Your Will, give them peace and hope for tomorrow.  Guide their feet, guide their hearts, may they know You better because…may forgiveness be extended to the one they trusted, may a new Day dawn from the depths of this great Night.  Lift Brothers and Sisters to pray and uphold…bless their labors and multiply their efforts so that more may know You, more may see You, more may love You…forever we adore You.  Amen.


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