Lent in Advent

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=christmas+candle&iid=5277924″ src=”0/9/5/5/Bible_and_candles_2e00.jpg?adImageId=7901070&imageId=5277924″ width=”234″ height=”280″ /]Although Christmas shopping is completed my many, I’ve yet to start.  No tree is up yet, no decorations un-binned.  Advent starts tomorrow (you know, that churchy season that anticipates the coming of Jesus and invites Christians to prepare their hearts for His coming), yet I’ve not reflected a bit or thought about how to enter the season.  How now, with all the demands of the season looming large, can I stop and look for Jesus?  What won’t get done if I pause to pray?  What won’t get baked or eaten if I enter a fast?  What won’t be accomplished if I help another and look for Jesus in their eyes?  Who’ll go without if I give time, goods or money to someone in need, “to the least of these” (Matthew 25:40)?  Is it okay to exercise Lent in Advent?

I think I’m willing to find out…I think I’m gonna try something new.

Yep, til Christmas, I commit to:
1. fast one day a week (no food, only drink)
2. pray contemplatively EVERY day for 30 minutes (yikes!)
3. see those around me and do or say two nice things, every day
4. at least once a week give time, goods or money so that others might sense God’s love for them

I’ll try to blog about how this goes….I’ll try to muster the guts to share my adventure…

Tomorrow it starts…today, though, we wrap up Thanksgiving with turkey meal #3 at my in-laws.  Gobble, gobble! :)


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