Advent Conspiracy

I ran across this in Carl McColman’s blog and just have to share…

I think HOW we do Christmas makes a difference on every level imaginable…dare to do it different, it is not too late…

Time magazine posted an article on this too…interesting read…


3 thoughts on “Advent Conspiracy

  1. Thank you for posting this video. It’s nesesary to get such eye openers in our consumer society. I thought it was such a good video I had to pass it on to my blog as well. Hope you have a blessed christmas season! ;)


  2. Annka, thanks for the stop in and comment :) I agree, the more people hear this the better…things have gotta change, Christmas has gotten outta hand and there are so many in need…
    I’ve taken a peek at your blog…hmmm…Norwegian, maybe? Totally cool…you’re bilingual, I’m so jealous…
    Have a blessed Christmas season too!


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