Goodbye Buster

A midwinter death happened today.  Buster, our thirteen year old basset hound, breathed his last breath.  In the wee hours, while in his favorite nighttime haunt (Emily’s bedroom), he roused his last bit of energy (for he had been ailing for days), turned his head, perched it on the top edge of his bowl-shaped bed and gazed at the one he adored most, our seventeen year old daughter Emily.  Her sleeping face was the last thing he saw as passed from our presence.  A peaceful gaze and pose it was…he left us in peace and in his own time–what else we could ask for, I do not know…

Is it coincidence that he died on the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year?  Have bosom buddies, darkness and death, deliberately waited until this day to visited our home?  Buster loved the sun and was relentless in finding a ray of sunshine to recline in.  Today no sun is shining…on the day with the fewest moments of daylight, the sun remains shrouded behind a thick layer of gray clouds.  Sun will not shine today…in so many ways it will not shine…

Layered in grief and memory, we find a way through.  In the company of death and darkness we proclaim life and light.  Light will prevail.  Life always has the last say.  From Buster’s death new life will emerge.  A new beginning has begun.  We cannot imagine how it will be.  We cannot imagine how it could be, yet in time we will see.  Maybe when the sun shines again it will be clearer, maybe tomorrow when daylight begins to edge out darkness we will more readily see His way through, we’ll more easily see Light illuminating Life.

As we enter these final days of Advent, these last days of waiting in the dark for the Light, may we pay attention to the prophets’ words proclaiming His coming, as they are “light shining in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts” (2 Peter 1 :19)  Yes, how I long for the Morning Star’s rising in my heart…a Star whose Light merges with the Dawn.  I trust it will be so.  Until then I shall stop, look and listen for His coming…

The sun must be setting…darkness thickens, gray turns to black.  A good time to dispel the darkness.  A good time to light a candle for Buster, a good time indeed…

Goodbye Zababaz, thanks for the love, light and life you gave…love you, miss you…you were a good dog.


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