2009 and 2010…Looking Back, Looking Ahead

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=clock+noon&iid=73920″ src=”0070/a8b0b2d3-7b89-446e-bb48-909e0691c117.jpg?adImageId=8730384&imageId=73920″ width=”234″ height=”150″ /]We’re perched on the edge of a new year.  2009 is waving goodbye, never will we see her again.  2010 stands at the threshold with an audible “Hello”. There is no stopping it, no slowing it even.  It will happen, very soon we’ll enter a fresh frame of time.

As I mull over the past twelve months, I see a year of endings and a year of beginnings.  Emily (our seventeen year old) began her first job.  Rich (my husband) was laid off.  Charlie (our oldest) completed his first year of college.  Rich, God and I dipped our toes in the stock market.  Emily became our church’s children’s choir director.  Rich and two friends started a real estate business.  Charlie made the Dean’s List.  I went on my first youth mission trip.  Emily was inducted into NHS and Tri-M.   Rich encountered six months of unemployment up close and friendly like.  Charlie found a bit of bloom on his trumpet and *gasp* even a few new friends.  Unaided I saw 20/20 for the first time in thirty-five years (Lasik surgery).  Emily started her senior year of high school.   Rich was hired by AMS.  Charlie began his sophomore year and first college work-study job.  I started volunteering at a Christian women’s shelter and teaching a Sunday school class.  Indeed, I’d be remiss if I did not note the hard stop yet peaceful ending we all met in the death of our dog, Buster, last week…

Naturally, I cannot name all the starts and stops…there would be too many and you’d quickly be bored.  Spiritually, I’d say we’ve all deepened a bit in our relationship with God.  Unemployment and need have a way of bringing people to their knees…we’re no exception.  Our Lord has been gracious and sustained us in ways surprising (a big ‘ole anonymous check in the mail) and in ways mundane (contract work here and there).  And, most recently, with Rich’s first full paycheck, received Christmas Eve.  The kindness and generosity of friends and family and the prayers of many were some of the ways God showed His care.  Someday we’ll know the scope of all that went into buoying us up financially and growing us spiritually.  I sense it was a mammoth effort that continues to reap fruit, both for our family and for all those who said a prayer and/or bestowed a gift of labor, goods or funds.  How beautiful, how humbling…Our gratitude can never reach far enough, of this I’m sure.

Looking into 2010 I glimpse many more endings and beginnings…seems life has seasons when change happens slowly, then there are times when we have all we can do to roll with the punches.  I won’t speculate here on what may be in 2010…too much is unclear.  I’ve thought about creating a New Year’s list: more prayer, lose weight, connect better with fam & friends, blog daily, clip coupons, limit time online, maybe even look for work.  But, in doing so, I quickly forget that my plans may not be His plans.  Too often, I think I steer my life or, at best, do for Him, when all He desires is that His Spirit does through me.  So…maybe my list should look more like this: stay surrendered, shun sin, keep listening, do as He says, look Up, let Him love through me…  It is a nebulous list–how to track progress, I don’t know–but maybe it isn’t as nebulous to One who is nebulous. And maybe if I’d shut up, let Him speak and then do as He says He’ll start working through me more and more….nebulous, yes, but who cares!  How cool is that!

Yes, I’m thinking that “store up treasures in heaven” verse (Matt 6:20) is my New Year’s goal…letting the indwelling King have reign and direct my heart and steps is a better option, for He knows what treasures He wants in my life, in the life of those I meet, and in His Kingdom.  I can’t say for sure, but fitting into a size 8 again, chasing a young healthy glow, or making everyone around me happy is probably not on the King’s short list. 

2009 is almost completely a memory…time never allows a revisit.  Such as it has been, such as it is, such as it will be.  How we “are” this moment is all we control.  How we enter the new year is our choice…I wonder if God has risen to the top of other New Year’s lists this year.  I hope so…”His Kindom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven” blows the minds of those through whom it comes and of those it impacts.  God gets to splash His glory around and, those with eyes to see, say “WOW!”  Choosing more Kingdom in 2010…sounds like a great resolution to me.


2 thoughts on “2009 and 2010…Looking Back, Looking Ahead

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I am new to blogging and don’t even know where to get started so I was just browsing through random ones to get an idea and I came across yours. It is so great to see someone else striving towards a closer relationship with Christ and to read about how He has blessed you and provided for you this past year. I hope that you have a great year in 2010. I do plan on reading your blog regularly now! haha.. seems like yours would be a good one to keep up with! God Bless!


  2. Becca, thanks for stopping in and for leaving such a heartwarming comment. I am excited to see where this blogging thing takes you…it has been quite an education for me…Finally, I’m journaling my walk with Jesus and oh, so publically. It helps to know others are out there doing the same thing and that, as Brothers and Sisters, we’re cheering each other on. See you here, in the blogosphere–may God use your blog for His highest good and may you grow spiritually as you seek Him. :) God bless you too!


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