Haiti: death has done enough

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Haiti hurls from one end of my mind to the other.  Tuesday’s cataclysmic earthquake has shaken not only hundreds of miles of earth, it has rattled me good and, as we witness on the news, it has rocked the world’s psyche.  The planet is stunned, shocked, sickened, yet not without hope for we’re all scrambling like the dickens to get in there to help.  As the headlines read, the devastation is complete.  Port-au-Prince is flattened like a house of cards that has hit the deck.  The stench and sight of decaying bodies is ever present.  Instant orphans’ “Papa!”, “Maman!” echo in the streets.  Survivors strive to survive as disease, dehydration and anarchy promise to pounce.

Logistically, aid arrival and distribution is a nightmare.  Nothing is easy, nothing is clear.  Yet, we show up and pluck one Haitian at a time from the gnarly fingers of death.  We fight for the living, we fight for life.  Death has done enough…”ENOUGH!” we cry. 

Dear God, please have mercy.  Please provide necessities, console the inconsolable, protect the vulnerable, heal the broken, feed the hungry.  Plant seeds of hope in the hearts of the despairing and rebuild not only cityscapes, but innerscapes.  Send Your warring angels to battle demons of dissension, despair, disorder and deception.  I dare you to be a miracle maker in Haiti this day, this week, this year.  You are God!  You know why You allowed this to happen–make good on that reason!  Show up and use hearts and minds at Your disposal to nourish bodies, souls and spirits.  Without You Haiti is lost…without You we’re all lost.  Please help us find You in this mess!  Amen.


2 thoughts on “Haiti: death has done enough

  1. Beautiful. Heartfelt. Humble. Even we who have no friends or family there…have been rocked by the magnitude of such devastation. I pray ‘without ceasing’ for ‘thy will be done.’ I TRUST God’s love, mercy, and redemption with the survivors….and especially with those whose souls have exited the body. We see greater mercy in many whose souls have gone back to the Father. Since God ‘rules in the kingdom of men’…nothing happens without his purpose and permission. But we are all made more righteous with every opportunity to share the compassion and love of God that abides in the hearts of believers. We are made more humble each time we our family of man suffer from natural disasters. It makes us remember that ‘but by the grace of God…there goeth I.’ And for those who are prideful….may they learn from the Haitian people that indeed ‘in this world ye shall have tribulation.’ And may all learn as we watch the ‘overcoming’ of the strong and precious Haitian people….’Be of good cheer..I have overcome the world.’

    Precious post. Thank you for your heart of humility.


  2. internet elias, thanks so much for your wise words of Truth and wisdom. Your insight that we’re made more humble each time our family of man suffers from natural disasters has struck me…I hadn’t seen that before…thanks for the visit and the lifegiving words…they mean so much…


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