Miracle Granted

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=jesus&iid=74952″ src=”0071/06acbf51-b919-4828-bc27-a18ab5413d33.jpg?adImageId=9554565&imageId=74952″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]In the last blog posting I mentioned that we’ve had a flurry of unexpected expenses hit us in the past month or two.  It has felt like an avalanche of misfortune.  My husband, Rich, was unemployed for six months,  and we’re only about a month into his first paychecks.  Things are extremely tight and somehow we have to play catch up.  How to move forward in the center of God’s will is our wish, is our prayer.

One of the expenses that hit us this month was a broken furnace.  We had it fixed and within a week, it was out again.  Rich called the repair guy to come again.  He promised to come the next Monday.  He never showed.  That was about two weeks ago.  Since we have two furnaces, we decided to wait on the fix and have cozied up to a space heater instead. 

This morning I woke up to hot air blowing through the vents.  The furnace is working.  Spontaneously it is fixed.  No one worked on it, no one touched it.  Sometime last night God granted us a miracle. 

On a very cold January day I’m not only warm, I’m blown away.  My heart overflows with gratitude and hope.  Tears flow freely.  Maybe there is a way through…yes, He must have a way through…

PS after talking to Rich: he did go into the furnace closet last night to get something.  He turned on and turned off the light, but never got near the furnace…so…maybe there is some sort of electrical something that happened that triggered a furnace start.  Maybe, could be, I suppose.  Nevertheless, it does seem like God is showing up, and for that I’m so grateful!


4 thoughts on “Miracle Granted

  1. Even if your husband DID have an effect, I still believe it was God who called him in there. I’m sorry times have been tough Jodi. I will pray.


  2. Thanks for the uplift, ladies…good to have friends who believe in miracles. Our furnace is still working wonderfully. God must have deemed it prudent to show us He hasn’t forgotten us…for that I’m grateful.

    Appreciate the prayers…the future is not looking like a cake walk by any means…maybe I’ll have the guts to blog about it more…later…


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