Sweet Friend Award


A lovely blog friend, Kathleen, at So Much to Say, So Little Time , gave me The Sweet Friend Award last week.  I am so unworthy, which Kate surely knows…yet, I’m betting she somehow knows I love cupcakes (see pic), hence the award. :) Thanks Kathleen!!! 

Who is Kathleen?  Kathleen is a young mother of three who somehow manages to keep all the balls in the air (she wears many hats) and, to sweeten the deal, she blogs about her life so people like me can glimpse a life lived beautifully and busily before God.  I’ve even seen a pic of her directing her church choir while playing flute…wow!  Thanks Kate, you do inspire :)  She also pops in here and always says just what I need to hear…pretty sure God works through Kathleen.  A sweet friend she is indeed.

So, this Sweet Friend Award…the only rule is that I share with you ten things that make me happy and then share the award with others.  So, without further ado:

1.  when God shows up and others get a new awareness of Him and His love.  Miraculous healings come to mind, as well as the more ‘tame’ miracles such as broken furnaces spontaneously fixed (see last blog post).  Other God sightings include hearing Him while reading Scripture or sensing Him during worship or seeing Him in acts of mercy or feeling His touch in prayer.

2. fun-filled banter with my husband, nineteen year old son and seventeen year old daughter.  Just the four of us hanging out together or (as is the case now more than ever) yucking it up on Facebook, fills my heart with joy…I wonder if God encounters something like this with His family??

3. being with other Family members…you know, Christian Brothers and Sisters…those who get beneath and lift when times are hard and rejoice when times are sweet.  Those who just wanna be with you, work beside you, interact with you.  Such surrendered souls seeking God somehow know how to encourage and guide, as well as weep and pray.  God is not only with us, He gives us each other.  That makes me happy.

4. intimate times with my husband.  Yep, I’m gonna mention this.  Often I wonder if what we have doesn’t touch the face of God, if it doesn’t give us a glimpse of intimacy with Him.

5. being a part of, and then witnessing ‘birdies’ fly.  I’m talking about young people, here…not wrens or cardinals.  I’ve had the privilege to enter a few young lives in my day and stand close through difficulties while praying my heart out for them.  When they manage to stay engaged, seek God’s healing and love anyway, I invariably watch fledglings fly.  Smiles cannot do justice to the joy within when I get to witness these flights…

6. music sung/played by Charlie and Emily (my son and daughter).  Through God’s gifting, they both are blessed with beautiful voices and musical talent.  When they play or sing (especially when they do so together), I often wonder if life could ever be sweeter.  When they break out musically, it’s as if God plants a kiss on my cheek…it is as if He gave them the gift just to bless me…

7. when a babe is born in Christ. Oftentimes it is an adult who undergoes a major shift in how they see God, how they see life. God becomes real. This new life is often messy, noisy, demanding…yet, like a newborn, it is beautiful, precious and joy-filled.  They’re alive, they’re awake, they’ve entered a new world and eternal Life is now.  Others mid-wifed me and sometimes He allows me to help mid-wife others.  Jumping for joy with tears in my eyes…it is so fun to watch Him work in and through other people’s lives!

8. old friends.  Something very humbling and heartening about friends who choose to stick with me over the long haul.  I wonder at their fortitude and if they aren’t masochistic.  Only a few come to mind, yet a few are more than I deserve.  I am so grateful for their patience, resilience and enduring love.  I count my family of origin and my immediate family on this short list…yes, as family they’re stuck with me, true, but they’re also my friends.  A double treat, if you ask me.

9. wild and wooly moments in prayer.  I’m a chicken when it comes to contemplative prayer, but when I ‘go’ there, He often “wows” me wonderfully.  How to explain this further, I don’t know…just makes me happy :)

10. dancing.  Weren’t expecting this one, were you?  Yep, I like to dance and dancing makes me happy.  Jesus…Jesus must have danced, must still dance.  He is Jewish. :)  Dancing with Jesus…now the mere thought of that really makes me happy!!

Ok, I bestow this Sweetest Friend Award on:

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Friend Award

  1. Awww, thanks for the nice words!

    I love your list. Banter on FB is definitely awesome…and I know exactly what you mean by the wild & woolly moments. Nothing quite like it.


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