Motherhood on Mother’s Day

Hear! Hear!

As we honor mothers today, I recommend taking a few minutes to read The Trouble with Motherhood by Christine L. Carter, Ph. D.

I’ve lived this one, and for too many years–many mothers have.  It kills the spirit, deals death and can’t be good for the kids or the marriage.

She doesn’t mention it, but personally I’ve found that prayer and focusing on my relationship with God, as well as dropping the crazy pace, does more than make for a less stressed, swell-ish mom, it models to the kids how to do life in a way that carries depth and meaning and is life-giving to others as well as oneself…and isn’t that what good moms wants?

Happy Mother’s Day to you moms out there!  For heaven’s sake (quite literally!) put your feet up! :)

And to my mom:
Quote from my 2008 Mother’s Day post says it all: “I owe a huge debt to Mom, she is one of those rare souls who loves greatly, without reservations.  Even when she can’t swallow my words or actions she loves unconditionally and prays without end for me. She is the kind of mother that is unheard of nowadays in that she serves not only as my natural mother but as my spiritual mother. She has helped me realize how important this whole mothering thing is…it really impacts the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.”
Happy Mother’s Day!!  Love you, Jodi!!

(pic is Mom and my brother…this is embarrassing, cannot find a handy pic of her and I…that needs to change and soon!)


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