The Social Life of a Serial Killer – The New York Times

What do you think?  Is Son of Sam changed…is he fooling?  Or…should we be asking different questions?

Video is 2 1/2 minutes long…

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New York Times blurb: In the years since his arrest, David Berkowitz has attracted an array of friends and acquaintances outside of prison who are drawn by his religious conversion and redemption story.

–photo taken from public domain.


5 thoughts on “The Social Life of a Serial Killer – The New York Times

  1. One does not have to go to prison to be a Christian convert. In this world where the Word of God is a salable product plus the fact that there are innocent victims out there who did not have the concrete Faith – hence did not have the knowledge on how to distinguish the True Christ from the False one, we have a market.

    This man is an example of what is written in the bible :

    1 John 4:1 (King James Version)

    1Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.


  2. A facebook friend (old classmate) gave my permission to post her facebook comment here. I find it so insightful…food for thought. Thanks Mary!

    I feel he is using religion to get what he wants. Using religion to reach-out to the communities to befriend people. Prisoners want friends! I have worked with all levels of inmates. One thing I have found with most inmates…they truly want people to believe they are special and not bad people. The Chaplin once said “no act of kindness goes un-abused.”


  3. Mary adds this to the above comment (thanks Mary!):

    Jodi, I do not claim to be an expert and I can not judge a person’s soul. Although, I can tell you inmates use religion to continue criminal activities in prison. They also use religion to gain sympathy from prison officials and people on the outside.

    Prisons are run by inmates and inmates are run by gangs. Inmates who claim to be “Christian” run with the Christian gang. Its kind of an unofficial gang. For an inmate to run with the Christian gang they must obey the orders of their leader. Inmates must follow the rules of other inmates. Also, inmates view kindness as weakness and inmates exploit weaknesses.

    Most inmates have anti-social personality disorder. I had one inmate who was diagnosed with narcissism, antisocial, and borderline personality. Yes, I have released inmates who I thought would surely make it on the outside, only to see them return a few months later. The reverse is also true. Not everyone who goes to prison is doomed to a life of crime. However, prison is a bad place to attempt to reform anyone.

    The chaplain I earlier quoted…no act of kindness goes un-abused. The chaplain had worked less than a year at our facility and he was completely amazed at how inmates use everyone.

    I would suggest using caution when corresponding with an inmate and to remain emotionally unattached.


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